Wedding Web Site Samples

Our websites are fully customizable:

Website Features

  • Two week free trial: sign-up now!
  • Easily create your own wedding website! No experience necessary! Try it free and you will be amazed how easy it is. Be online in minutes!
  • Pick your own web address
    (ex. http://JohnandSue.ourweddingplus.com)
  • Ability to hide any page you don’t want shown
  • Pages without content are automatically not shown
  • Ability to password protect your entire site
  • Option to hide last names for increased privacy
  • Make unlimited updates to your website anytime!
  • Pages include
    • Our Story – how you met, how he proposed, etc.
    • The Bridal Party – introduce your guests to your bridal party
    • Event Information – includes maps
    • Accommodations – great info for your out of town guests, hotel info / links, links for airline tickets
    • Bridal Registry – provide your guests links to your gift registries
    • Guest Book – a place for your guests to pass on their best wishes
    • Photo Album – post photos to share with your guests
    • RSVP – Allow your guests to RSVP online!
    • Important Information – ensure your guests are informed of any changes
    • Two Customizable Pages – use these pages as you wish, can be used to talk about your honeymoon or for sending a thank you to you all your guests, the options are endless and it’s totally up to you!

Guestlist / RSVP Features

  • Build your guest list securely and privately online
  • Allow guests to RSVP easily and quickly online
  • Guests not comfortable with the internet can RSVP the traditional way and you can easily input the information so it is managed accurately and securely through your control panel
  • Keep control of your guest list with our unique RSVP access code system!
    • Only invited guests can accept your invitation
    • Invited guests can only accept the invitation for the number of people you invite...don't worry about uninvited guests
    • Guests can let you know their meal choices
  • Easily monitor RSVP status 24/7 through your Control Panel.
  • Send emails to selected guests or groups of guests (e.g. all guests, all guests who haven’t RSVP’d, all guests who accepted the invitation).
  • Guests can update their contact info online when they RSVP
  • Printable guest lists, sorted by name, “guest of,” or RSVP status.
  • Ability to print cards to include with invitations with your personal wedding website address, password, and personal RSVP access code.
  • Email notification to guests with RSVP information and personal wedding website information
  • Auto-generated reminder emails to guests that haven’t RSVP’d yet.
  • Auto-generated reminder emails to guests that have accepted your invitation with links to gift registry, etc.