Top 5 Wedding Blog Posts of the Week

Wedding Rehearsal Cake

Happy Good Friday, and indeed it is a good Friday because it’s time for the Top 5 Wedding Blog Posts of the Week!  Another great lineup this week.

1.         I’m starting off with one of the coolest cakes I’ve seen, pictured here.   This is a wedding rehearsal dinner cake made by Pink Cake Box.   This cake covers both careers of the couple, she’s a make-up artist and he’s an electrician, check out the contents.  For more info  check out the Pink Cake Box Blog Post about it!

2.       Perfect bound had a great post this week with tips about getting ready on your wedding day.  She’s sharing some tips that she got from Bubble & Lo and I must say they are good.  These are things you would normally learn the hard way.  So benefit from this great advice, check out the post bubble & lo!

3.       Like I wrote a few weeks ago, money and marriage sometimes don’t mix.  Well, Leslie over at Decidedly Uncomplicated has had some experience with couples facing financial issues while planning their wedding and has seen how trouble can be stirred by others.  Check out It’s always about money and get some advice how to avoid trouble.

4.       Are you looking into hiring a wedding planner?  Affairs with Elegance, a Baltimore, Maryland wedding planner’s blog, had a post this week you should checkout.  Some planners out there may lack ethics and they have some advice for brides and grooms and for wedding planners!  Check out Website Portfolios and Photo Galleries.

5.       After the Elliot Spitzer scandal this past week, Bridezilla raises some good questions.  Has modern weddings really evolved?  Is marriage going to stifle your life?  Checkout Domestic Policy: Are Dreams the New Dowry? It will make you think!

So that’s it for this week!  Let me know if you found any good blog posts you’d like to share.  Have a great Easter weekend!

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#1 Laura Nadeau on 10.29.08 at 10:34 am

I am Laura founder of LoandCo.com (formerly Bubble and Lo) Thanks, for including me on your blog. I have a fun blog out this week about makeup and Sarah Palin!

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