Top 5 Wedding Blog Posts of the Week!

I got a great Top-5 this week.  Found a couple of new sites to share and some great ideas!  So sit back relax and enjoy this week’s Top 5!


  1. Need some inspiration for thos DIY projects?  Well there’s no better place for inspiration than Style Me Pretty!  Abby had a couple for great posts this week called Do-it-Yourself Projects by Matthew Mead.  Checkout part 1 and part 2.
  2. Blue Orchid made it to the Top 5 two weeks in a row!  Liene had a great post about something that can be easily overlooked.  How you’re your vendors dressing for your event?  Might want to square this away ahead of time!   Checkout “vendor dress code.” 
  3. Do you and your fiancé agree on this?  It’s actually more common than you would think.  Do you think this is something you can live with long term?  Do you think resentment might rear it’s ugly head a few years down the road?  What am I talking about?  Check out  Post Secret over at a new blog, Wed2010.  (How did I find this blog?  Sarah commented on one of my posts!  So make sure you leave some comments!
  4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is not only a popular movie it was also made a little more popular last summer with the Martha Stewart wedding aton the Today show.  The Pink Cake Box made a fabulous Tiffany’s themed cupcake tower to go with a Breakfast a Tiffany’s bidal shower.   Checkout the pictures here, “Bridal Shower Tiffany Cupcake Tower
  5. And finally another great wedding planning resource has made its debut!  The fantastic Jasmine Star, along with some of her friends have started a wedding planning blog.  Jasmine is one of the best wedding photographers in Southern California, has her own very popular and beautiful blog, and I was lucky enough to have her guest blog for me a few times last year.  Checkout her latest post “Choosing the Best Engagement Shooting Location.” 

That’s it for this week.  Remember to leave those comments if you have some other blogs I need to recognize!


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