The Pocket Square – A Small Piece of Fabric Can Make A Big Difference

Pocket SquareLooking for an easy way to get your groom and your groomsmen coordinated with your bridesmaid dresses? This can be as simple as using a pocket square! This small piece of fabric can have your groomsmen fully integrated in your wedding theme. Their pocket square will stand out against the color of the tuxedo and perfectly complimenting the bridesmaid’s dresses! The choice of styles and colors made in dressing your bridal party is something that will be remember and viewed in pictures for years to come.

The pocket square dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, with it gaining popularity in the 1920’s. At first pocket squares were actually linen handkerchiefs. The practice of putting then in the breast pocket came as a result of men not wanting them to become dirty by coins and other objects in the pant pocket. Hence a style was born. These pocket squares can also be used as a method of saving money in these hard economic times. Instead of using fresh flowers for a boutonniere a pocket square can add the right complement of color you need. Some men actually prefer a pocket square instead of a boutonniere. It can also be matched with a neck tie, bow tie or even a cravat. When using a pocket square it allows you to get creative as it can be folded into different designs. A good example of this is to complement the bridesmaid dresses neckline using an asymmetrical design. Some examples of pocket square folds include the puff fold, Astaire, the flat fold, the two corners up fold, and the straight shell. The technique applied to the pocket fold all depends on the overall look you are trying to accomplish.

Pocket squares come in a variety of materials such as linen, twill, cotton and pique, but silk pocket squares are the most popular. Silk pocket squares are used mostly when one is looking for a bright display of color. Click here to find a wide variety of pocket squares in our own wedding shop! Including the one shown above.

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