The Impact of Chairs on your Event

The first things you think about when designing your event might be the flowers, the centerpieces, the table coverings, or the lighting.  But, believe it or not a major impact on the feel and mood of your event will be from the chairs.   That’s right, the chairs.  The chairs you choose need to fit or even add to the theme of the rest of your event. 

Here’s some dramatic demonstrations of the impact of having the right chair!

Event Chairs

 And, don’t forget your ceremony!

Wedding Ceremony Chairs

Finally, here’s a small sampling of chairs to help inspire you when designing your event. Whether it’s a metal back or a cloth backed chair, make sure you it ties together with the rest of your theme.

wedding chairs

All the chairs in this post are from Chameleon Chair. As their name implies, their sole focus is getting you the right chair for your event. They were chosen to handle such events as the Academy Awards Governors Ball, the Emmy’s Governers Ball, and the CSI 100th Episode Celebration. So if you are in the market for the perfect chairs for your wedding and you are in the Southern California area check them out! Thanks to the great folks at Chameleon Chair for providing me the pictures for this post, go to their website to see even more!

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We liked this post so much we mentioned it in our blog. The pics are amazing, so many ideas for the bride 2 be. Love your blog!

#2 admin on 10.08.07 at 8:11 pm

Thanks for the compliment Rose!

I added your blog to my Technorati favorites.

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