How to Send Huge Files without Clogging Email

Ever have issues trying to send huge files as an email attachment? You are not alone! The only other thing that can be as frustrating is receiving a gigantic 20MB file in you inbox! I figured this would definitely be applicable to you photographers and videographers out there as well as everyone else who wants to send pictures and video to friends and family. One minute of video on your iPhone can take up 70-80 MB so it’s not hard to overwhelm the standard email limits on the most popular email services.

  • Gmail – 25MB
  • AOL Mail – 25MB
  • Yahoo – 25MB
  • Windows Live Hotmail – 10MB

How to Send Huge FilesHere’s a free way that I have personally used several times to bypass these problems. It’s an online service called File Relay. It acts similar to a dropbox where the file you want to send is uploaded to a server and the people you want to have it only get a link sent to them via email. When they click on the link the file is downloaded to their computer. This saves your and everyone else’s email from getting bogged down if you send huge files. The other nice feature is you are able to see if your recipient actually downloaded the file. I think you will find that it is very simple to use, your recipients don’t need to have an account to use it and it’s totally free!

Here’s how it works:

Before you can use the service you have to set up an account, which only takes a few seconds (only the sender of the file needs to do this, recipients don’t need an account).

  1. You browse for the file on your hard drive
  2. Set a date for the file to expire (after this date it is no longer available to the recipient)
  3. Type in the emails of the people you want to access the file
  4. Include a message to them if you want.

How to Send Huge Files

When you click “Send Email” the file is securely uploaded to the File Relay server and an email with the link to the file is sent to each of the recipients with a unique code for each person so you can see who actually downloads the file.
You also have the option to send a package of multiple files and you can always delete the files off of the File Relay server any time if you sent the wrong file or if the contents of the file are outdated.

It’s a pretty good application and it’s free! Here’s links to File Relay and the File Relay Facebook Page. Let us know what you think!

The Truth Behind Celtic Wedding Bands!

Celtic Wedding RingsCeltic Wedding Rings

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is everyone’s day to show their Irish Pride, even if you’re not Irish, by wearing something green, eating corn beef and cabbage, and having a green beer. But for those of you who want to show their Irish Pride all year round what better way than wearing a Celtic Design wedding ring? This style ring is getting pretty popular, but do you know the origins of the endless knot design found on these rings? Read on and you’ll be able to dazzle your friends today with your knowledge of Irish history over that green beer today.

Actually the endless knot design isn’t uniquely Celtic, in fact it can be found in third and fourth century AD Roman artwork including floor mosaics and the endless knot pattern can be found in other cultures artwork around that time too. One example is this cross found on a church in Spain.

Cruz de Santa Susana (from Wikipedia)

The pattern was found in Celtic art prior to the Christian influence around 450 AD. But, as you can clearly see the design made its way into early Christian artwork as seen in this Celtic cross and in the artwork found in the famous Book of Kells; which you can see firsthand if you visit Dublin.

Celtic Wedding Rings Design
Images from Wikipedia

These date back to the 8th and 9th centuries AD, but the earliest example of the true knotted design is found in this 7th century fragment from a Gospel book found in the Durham Cathedral Library.

Earliest Celtic Pattern (from Wikipedia)

These are the same designs that you can find today in many Celtic wedding rings.
From what I’ve read, there is no evidence showing any philosophical or religious significance to the design but I kind of like the modern theory that the endless knot design is symbolic of the unending bond of love.

These two examples of Celtic wedding rings are made of Tungsten Carbide which happens to be the hardest metal alloy on the planet! They are nearly unscratchable, except by a diamond, and are unbendable. So what a great combination for a wedding ring, the endless knot on the most durable wedding ring on earth.

Picaboo Wedding Photo Albums on Sale!

Wedding Photo Albums

Professional Wedding Photo Album at a Price You Can Afford!

It’s been only the past five or so years that you can actually go online and make your own professional looking wedding photo album.  Back in the day you had to rely solely on your wedding photographer to make a professional looking photo album and it typically cost you an arm and a leg! So now you can go online, upload your photos, arrange them the way you’d like and add your own unique touches such as comments, background photos, and professional binding and expensive looking covers. The best part it’s probably a lot cheaper and easier than you would expect.

One of our affiliates Picaboo has been around for a few years and is one of the leading wedding photo album providers. They pretty much have perfected how the process for you making it pretty simple. You can sign-up for free and try their online wedding album building tool to see what I mean. But to make a long story short from now until March 14, 2011 they will give you your second wedding photo album for free! You just have to use the code “BGSPRING” at checkout. This deal only applies to the Classic Linen, Classic Leather, and Classic Custom cover styles.

Wedding Program Ideas

The Wedding Program is one of the most important wedding stationary items in your wedding. Your guests will spend more time studying your wedding programs than your invitations, save the dates, or thank you cards. It will keep them busy while they wait for the ceremony to start and will keep them focused through the ceremony. They will feel more involved and in tune with what is going on. Also don’t forget that your wedding program will be one of those prized keepsakes that you will keep for years to come.

wedding programs

The picture above has a couple of ideas. You can have a traditional program that matches your invitation style or like the unique fan style programs on the right, they can fit into theme as well as help keep your guests cool at an outdoor wedding.
There are many wedding program formats to choose from. But once you pick one out what information should you include in your programs? Here are some ideas:

The Standard Stuff:

– On the cover put the names of the couple, the wedding date, and the location of the ceremony.
– Inside on the left you can put the order of the ceremony including the names speakers where they appear in the ceremony.
– Inside on the right you can put the names of the officiate, musicians, parents of the couple, and the bridal party.

Other things to consider:

– On the cover you can also put an image; it could be a picture of the couple or possibly a monogram of the couple’s initials.
– Inside you can include explanation of some of the traditions in the ceremony.
– Inside or on the back cover you can include a thank you note from the couple. This can be a thank you note to the parents, to all the guests, or both.
– A remembrance of close family members who have passed

There are many options and really it is up to you!  Any other wedding program ideas?

To see a full selection of wedding programs click here!

Peacock Wedding Theme – Not just a symbol of beauty

Peacock Wedding ThemeIt is no wonder the peacock wedding theme gained such popularity this year, as was predicted on many wedding blogs. You can find peacock wedding invitations and accessories, not to mention dresses with fit right into the theme.  Peacocks are such regal birds, and just a glimpse of one tail feather automatically brings to mind extraordinary beauty, elegance and glamour.  Which most of us would love associated with our wedding. But, I have learned the peacock theme can mean so much more. So I am going to share with you why I associate this theme with a little more than the obvious, and why I think it is a perfect choice.

I have recently become acquainted with a peahen and if you are not familiar (I wasn’t before now) it is a female peacock. This frumpy female bird is definitely not as glamorous looking as the male, but she has other appealing attributes.

A few months ago a peahen chose my little “barnyard” to lay her eggs, which by the way, without the presence of a peacock, will never hatch. Despite that fact Ms. P (shown above), as we have so affectionately named her, diligently cares for these five eggs. Her dedication and strength is unending. She leaves her nest only once a day to eat and drink, as fast as she can so her nest is not left unattended for very long, and then right back on, for another grueling 24 hours. My husband and I have witnessed her carry out her routine for weeks in the intense Florida heat and sun and once through a horrible thunderstorm. We have both become so impressed by her amazing dedication that I just felt compelled to share this story. So while you are deciding where to strategically place these gorgeous peacock feathers, perhaps in the centerpieces or attached to the invitations, remember Ms. P and her enduring strength and commitment, and know you couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate symbol for a wedding theme.

peacock themed wedding ideas

It is an awesome theme choice for an outdoor wedding or a vintage theme, and what a color palette it inspires, the vivid greens and teals and blues, oh my. Now keep in mind, as with any theme less is more. You don’t want to over do it.

Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations

Here’s a great peacock themed wedding invitation from Minted.  You can find our more about it here.  The inspiration board shown above came from the following sources:

Shoes from Etsy
Cupcake banners from Blush Printables
Table Setting from Hostess With the Mostess
Alfred Angelo Bridal Gowns from our own blog!
Man’s suit and tie picture from Andrew and Jessica’s Photography Blog

5 Table Name Ideas I Found on Weddingbee

Table numbers are so 20th Century! Okay folks it appears there are no limits on how you can name your tables. Here are five ideas I found on Weddingbee that run the spectrum from sophisticated to geeky or stick to the theme or want to be more personal.

1. Back in 2008, “Miss Green Tea” named her tables after Chinese Teas in line with her wedding theme in spite of her ministers thoughts of being more personal, like using names of places they visited. 

Wedding Table Name Ideas

2. In 2007, “Miss Hummingbird” named her tables after video games. She admits to being a geek and apparently this was in the theme of her wedding.

Wedding Table Name Ideas

3. In 2009, “Miss Cowboy Boot” used different horse pictures as the way to distiguish her tables for her horse themed wedding.

Wedding Table Name Ideas

4. In 2007, “Mrs Hibiscus” used pictures of places they visited as table names. To keep it in their theme they made them in the color of their wedding theme.

Wedding Table Name Ideas

5. In 2007, “Mrs Apple” had a unique idea of using “Great Pairs” Lucy & Desi
Laverne & Shirley
Luke & Leia
Mario & Luigi
Tom and Jerry for the kids table.
Meat & Potatoes

Wedding Hair Styles – The Updo

Wow the high-bun version of the updo trend is certainly a hot topic not only as a wedding hair style but also in Hollywood. Do we like it? Do we not like it? Who did it best? Who should never do it again?  Comparisons of the runway versus the red carpet and the list goes on.  One thing is clear, it is popular, whether you love it or hate it.   Here’s my two cents: I think it’s a beautiful style, but not for every day, but for a formal occasion, like a wedding it’s perfect.   There are a variety of different ways to wear it, ultra-sleek or mussed up a bit, high on the very top or a little set toward the back, choose what version suits your features the best.

Here’s a couple of examples you can use as inspiration for your wedding hair style along with a tiara, hair comb, or hair bands that I think would go great with it.

Everyone knows Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.   This is a great example of classic beauty, 50 years later she still looks great!  I’ll tell you, finding an equivalent wedding comb is difficult but I think this one would work with this style.  You can find this wedding comb in our Wedding Shop.  What do you think?

Wedding Hair Styles Updo

Then you have the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Look at that mountain of hair.  This wedding hair style calls for a wide tiara.  Once again, while not the same this one does the job well.  You can find this wedding tiara here.

Wedding Hair Styles

Here’s a look that seems to be the rage. In these pictures you have Jessica Alba with a bun and a black hair band and on the right from a Vera Wang show of her Spring 2011 Wedding Line (a picture I found on WeddingBells.ca) you see the model has a French Twist with a black hair band.

wedding hair styles french twist

From Vera’s blog (also a tip from WeddingBells.ca) you can see a close-up of the model’s French Twist and a black hair band. What do you think of the black hair band verses the white hair band for a wedding? Here’s also an example of a white wedding hairband.

Wedding Hair Styles Updo

Wedding Cake Pops: Say Hello to my Little Friend

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to have had a cake pop, brace yourself, I am about to enlighten you on a scrumptious, golf ball size, chunk of heaven, on a stick!

Wedding Cake Pops

(photo credit:  all photos from cjmartin on flickr of Sweet Lauren Cakes cake pops!)

Granted I love cake, pretty much in any form, but these little pops are in a class all their own. It is cake mixed with frosting and then, get this, dipped in chocolate, all three of my favorite things rolled into one little “power ball.”  So what can you do with these delicious, little, magnificent creations, well for you brides too be, the options are endless. It just so happens that there is a Cake Pop expert who can help with recipes, inspiration and so much more and she calls herself Bakarella. Maybe you have heard of her before and if you haven’t I’m sure you will in the future.  Check out her book called Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats

And if you are searching for a DIY project perhaps for wedding favors or for the bridal shower I think the cake pop is a terrific candidate for such an undertaking. There is a great blog post from Roxy of Roxy Cakes which provides full instructions on how to make cake pops. And even if you are not looking for a DIY project go ahead and visit Roxy’s site her creations are absolutely beautiful, another great place for inspiration and expert advice.

Fall Wedding Signature Drinks

Fall Signature Drink

Fall is just about here and that means it’s time to start thinking about Fall Wedding Signature Drinks.  Once again we are honored to have a guest post by Jonathan Pogash, The Cocktail Guru and owner of Wedding Cocktail Design, a branch of his beverage consulting company that specializes in unique, one of a kind signature drinks for weddings. He is a frequent contributor to NBC’s Today Show, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and The Knot.   This picture is a cocktail he designed for Corzo Tequilia, the Corzo Ruby Red. Thanks again Jonathan!!!

The fall brings us some amazing ingredients: apples, peaches, pears, cranberries, figs, and more.  Little did I know that as a wide-eyed 5 year-old picking apples at the local farm in NJ that I would be using apples as ingredients in alcoholic beverages.

Playing off of all the colors, scents, and textures that we experience during these months is what invigorates me the most. I would have to say that it is my favorite time of the year when it comes to experimenting and coming up with new recipes.

The color of a signature cocktail is important. In the fall, colors like burnt sienna, burgundy, and caramel come to mind.

Apple cider adds a nice sweet fullness to a mixed drink. It also mixes well with almost anything…okay, maybe not cream. But you get the idea. Using whole apples and pears as garnish really add a great look to any cocktail.

Fresh cranberries…oh fresh cranberries – be still my beating heart. These glorious little berries literally burst with flavor and color. I am reminded of the bogs that dot the coast of southeast Massachusetts, where my wife is from. A simple blend of 1 cup fresh cranberries and 1 cup sugar heated over the stovetop yields a lovely puree that, once cooled, is a perfect accompaniment to a vodka, rum, gin, or tequila-based drink. Try it with Champagne or sparkling wine – it’s like drinking fall.

I tend to brainstorm ideas based on what works in the culinary world, which is why baking spices, like cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon always come to mind for me at this time of the year. Not only would I use freshly grated nutmeg (has to be freshly grated) and cinnamon sticks as a garnish, but I can also infuse these into a favorite spirit of mine.

I’ve included a couple of my favorite fall cocktail recipes below. Don’t forget to enjoy these months, take the air in, watch the leaves change colors, and close your eyes and imagine the smell of freshly pressed apple cider and aromatic baking spices gently kissing your nose.

Cranberry Spiced Sparkler

8 fresh cranberries
1 tsp. Pumpkin spice Agave nectar ***
Splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice
3 oz. Champagne or sparkling wine
Directions: In the bottom of a mixing glass, muddle the cranberries, agave nectar, and lemon juice. Then add ice and the champagne or sparkling wine and gently fold. Strain out into a champagne flute. Top off with an extra splash of wine.

Garnish with 3 floating cranberries

***to make pumpkin spice agave nectar, simply combine 1 cup agave nectar with 2 tsp store bought pumpkin pie spice (comes ground), and stir.

Apple and Cinnamon infused Vodka

1) Core and chop 2 granny smith apples and 2 red delicious apples (or your favorite apples) and add them to a mason or infusion jar.
2) Add 3 cinnamon sticks to the jar.
3) Take a bottle of your favorite vodka (I like Russian Standard for this recipe) and empty it out into the jar.
4) Allow to infuse for 5 days, then discard the apples and cinnamon.
5) Refrigerated, this infusion can last up to one month.

For a twist on the classic vodka drink, a Moscow Mule, add 2 ounces of your apple and cinnamon infused vodka to a tall glass with ice, and fill with good quality ginger beer (I like Fever Tree, Barritts, or Regatta).

Wedding Invitations Sale – Jean M

Wedding Invitations on Sale

I just got word yesterday about a wedding invitation sale from one of our affiliates that will start tomorrow, October 1st 2010, and will run for the entire month of October! Jean M has some amazing wedding invitation designs not to mention wedding accessories. Many of the accessories, such as napkins, favors, etc come in matching designs with their invitations. The picture above are a few examples. As you can see they provide wedding invitation designs in various colors to match your theme. They have a whole line devoted to modern black and white wedding invitation designs plus you can get coordinated items such as water bottle labels that match your theme.

The sale is for 25% off of your purchase of $250 or more. This includes invitations or any of their accessories. Just click the link below.

MyJean M- 25% off $250