Nervous about that Wedding Speech?

Wedding Speech

Don’t worry you are not alone.  You may have heard that the #1 fear of most people is public speaking while fear of death is #5! 

Here are five tips to help you out with your wedding speech:

1.        Don’t drink too much!  You may think this will help calm the nerves.  Which it may, but maybe a little too much.  Most likely this will result in a more embarrassing situation for you and the bride and groom.  Then you will wake up in the morning feeling like an idiot!

2.       Don’t read your wedding speech word for word.  This looks stiff and impersonal.  See the next tip for more!

3.       Don’t try to memorize your wedding speech word for word.  This will put a lot of pressure on you.  If you mess up one word it can throw the rest of your speech off.  Try jotting down an outline and being a little spontaneous.  It will come off much better with the audience.

4.       Try to mingle with the crowd a little.   Meet people you don’t know yet. This may make you feel a little more comfortable with your audience. 

5.       Be confident that what you are going to say sounds good!  Practice. Try your wedding speech out on a loved one. 

Not feeling too inspired?  There are free websites that can get you started with things to say like ChargeYourGlasses.com.  They give you some unique phrases to include throughout your speech. 

Good luck!


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