Groom’s Week – Tips for the Bride to Get Her Groom to Help Out

Welcome back to day two of Groom’s Week! We are proud to have Craig Michaels, author of Thirty to Wife: The Tell-All Groom’s Guide to Weddings – How to Get Hitched Without Losing Your Mind or Your Fiancee guest blogging this week! He will be passing on tips on getting the groom involved in the wedding planning process. So Ladies, if you haven’t already get your grooms to read Our Wedding Plus this week and we will let you hang around also, so you can better understand what is going on in your grooms head! Checkout yesterday’s post if your missed it. Also, pick up a copy of Craig’s book, rated 5-stars on Amazon. Here’s Craig…

Today I’m going to cover:

Tips for the Bride to get her Groom to Help Out

Can’t get your fiancé off the computer long enough to pick a china pattern?
Are his thumbs too Blackberry’ed out to express a floral opinion?
Wondering how to put his My Space obsession to good use?

Don’t fight it. Embrace it.

Appeal to his techno-strengths. If he’s a spreadsheet whiz, ask him to optimize the wedding budget. If his iTunes bill is more than the rent, have him suggest the music playlist. If he has more online friends than “Tom,” encourage him to build the wedding website. Incorporate such cyber-related topics as the following into your conversations–personal or electronic–to transform wasted computer time into wanted wedding time:

Planning makes perfect
Answer wedding-related questions, from fastening bow ties to curing tongue-ties. (bestweddingsites.com, theknot.com, ehow.com)
Research and book travel plans. (farecast.com, fodors.com, travel.state.gov)
Track every detail, including checklists, guest lists, expenses and contacts. (smartwedding.com, theweddingtracker.com, elmsoftware.com, frogwaresoftware.com)
Design invitations, table cards and wedding programs. (crane.com, youreinvited.com, thefrontdoor.com)
Create gift registries, from zapping dishes with a bar code gun to clicking linens online. (weddingchannel.com, crateandbarrel.com, homedepot.com)

Broadcast wedding news faster than CNN
Build a wedding website, using pre-made templates or creating from-scratch masterpieces. (myevent.com, ewedding.com, wedquarters.com)
Blog (an online journal) daily, hourly or per-minute planning updates. (blogger.com, wordpress.com, movabletype.com)
Podcast (a personalized radio show) updates direct to your guests’ ears. (podcaststation.com, widgetpress.com, feedburner.com)
Wiki (a sharable document) for everyone to contribute wedding ideas (yes, mother-in-law filters are available). (jotspot.com, wikispaces.com, editme.com)

Wire up your wedding day
Fine-tune the band or DJ’s song list. (itunes.com, rhapsody.com, emusic.com)
Design custom favors, including music CDs, T-shirts, picture frames and chocolates. (roxio.com, cafepress.com, hersheygifts.com)
Project a slideshow or video montage. (apple.com/iphoto, adobe.com/photoshop, microsoft.com/moviemaker)

Take the leap from “I do” to “We share”
Show heartwarming or embarrassing video clips. (youtube.com, filmloop.com, mac.com)
Create photo albums. (flickr.com, smilebox.com, snapfish.com)
Print custom photo or blog books. (shutterfly.com, kodakgallery.com, blurb.com)
Produce a video epic of the big day. (apple.com/finalcutpro, adobe.com/premiere, sony.com/vegas)

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about how you can work together to avoid family feuds.


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