Groom’s Week – Cost saving tips for the groom to try to pinch pennies without his bride pitching fits

As you probably already know, we are honored to have Craig Michaels, author of the popular book Thirty to Wife: The Tell-All Groom’s Guide to Weddings – How to Get Hitched Without Losing Your Mind or Your Fiancee (rated 5 stars on Amazon), guest blogging with us this week. If you are just checking in, checkout the last three posts to get caught up. Craig’s book is the ultimate guide to help the groom through the planning process and help him to help you keep your sanity! It recounts the last thirty days prior to his wedding in which he confesses his mistakes to hopefully help future grooms avoid them. So guy’s stay out of trouble, pick-up a copy for yourself, and ladies it will make a good gift for your fiance, from which you will reap the benefits!

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Cost saving tips for the groom to try to pinch pennies without his bride pitching fits:

Plan ahead. While this goes against everything a man stands for, you’ll save money by booking things early. Besides avoiding rush charges, you can also avoid any bidding wars over the “must-have” vendors.

Embrace technology.
It’s the Internet Age, so go online to find vendors. Besides getting favors drop shipped direct from China, you should take advantage of the tools right under your nose, like laser printers, digital cameras, CD burners, and e-mail.

Go all-in. In-clusive, that is. Many venues offer package deals that include services you would normally have to secure elsewhere, like catering. They might also provide day-of wedding planner support to make sure all goes well on your big day.

Start early. Whether it’s earlier in the day, earlier in the week, or earlier in the season, you might save a bundle by avoiding the sought-after Saturday-night time slot.

Mix and match. Pick a few lower-cost appetizers, consider hosting a buffet, serve only wine and beer during dinner, limit alcohol to custom cocktails (e.g., martinis and cosmos), and, if you invite enough people, have two cakes (a fancy one for showing and eating, and a plain one for just eating).

Call time-outs. Limit the photographer and/or videographer’s schedule. Just make sure the shots you want occur during the actual filming time. Although can anyone really know when a conga line will form?

Do it yourself. Break out the warehouse club card and bring your own alcohol. Apply summer-camp arts-and-crafts skills and make your own party favors. Go to work early and use your company’s printer. Wait until dark and clip your own roses.

Go off the beaten path. Think about an out-of-the-way place for your reception. It might even be worth checking out just the surrounding towns. But, be sure to strike the right balance between saving money and costing your guests a bundle just to get to the wedding. And if you find a real bargain site, keep telling her “it’s rustic, not run-down.”

Adopt a less-is-more attitude. When possible, pick the simpler decorations, choose less labor-intensive foods and flowers, minimize the band, and reduce the guest list. Besides saving you money, it’ll probably save you time and anxiety in the long run.

Elope. The granddaddy of cost cutting. And if you play your cards right, you might still get some presents. Especially if you throw a casual post-elopement party for your friends and family.

Tomorrow I’ll finish up with the Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Grooms.


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