Groom Problems? Does Your Man Need A Kick in the Pants?

Groom_advice  Many times the stress of wedding planning is the first big challenge for your relationship!

How is your groom when it comes to wedding planning? 

          Runs the other way when you bring up the topic?

          Has absolutely no opinion when asked about his preferences?

          Feels that it’s your day so you should make all the decisions?

Or is your groom?

          Totally helpful to the point where you wish he wasn’t so interested?


It seems that the general consensus among guys is that this is the woman’s time and that they should just stand back and let her run the show.  Sounds generous doesn’t it?!?  Check out this video of the grooms from the Today Show Throws a Martha Stewart Wedding to see what they think their role is.  (Click here for video)

So how do you help your groom navigate his way through the wedding planning process?


Doug Gordon, who you saw in the video talking to Al Roker, wrote a book called The Engaged Groom: You’re Getting Married. Read this Book..   Doug’s advice is to have your groom work on what interests them and is inline with their talents such as working on the menu, the invitations, or building the wedding website.


Evidently this book has a lot of great advice for both the bride and groom according to the customer reviews on Amazon. 

Anyway, if you are looking for a gift to give your groom and you also want to get him to help with the planning, check-out “The Engaged Groom.”   All you have to do is click on the picture of the book above!

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