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Wedding Hair Styles – The Updo

Wow the high-bun version of the updo trend is certainly a hot topic not only as a wedding hair style but also in Hollywood. Do we like it? Do we not like it? Who did it best? Who should never do it again?  Comparisons of the runway versus the red carpet and the list goes on.  One thing is clear, it is popular, whether you love it or hate it.   Here’s my two cents: I think it’s a beautiful style, but not for every day, but for a formal occasion, like a wedding it’s perfect.   There are a variety of different ways to wear it, ultra-sleek or mussed up a bit, high on the very top or a little set toward the back, choose what version suits your features the best.

Here’s a couple of examples you can use as inspiration for your wedding hair style along with a tiara, hair comb, or hair bands that I think would go great with it.

Everyone knows Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.   This is a great example of classic beauty, 50 years later she still looks great!  I’ll tell you, finding an equivalent wedding comb is difficult but I think this one would work with this style.  You can find this wedding comb in our Wedding Shop.  What do you think?

Wedding Hair Styles Updo

Then you have the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Look at that mountain of hair.  This wedding hair style calls for a wide tiara.  Once again, while not the same this one does the job well.  You can find this wedding tiara here.

Wedding Hair Styles

Here’s a look that seems to be the rage. In these pictures you have Jessica Alba with a bun and a black hair band and on the right from a Vera Wang show of her Spring 2011 Wedding Line (a picture I found on WeddingBells.ca) you see the model has a French Twist with a black hair band.

wedding hair styles french twist

From Vera’s blog (also a tip from WeddingBells.ca) you can see a close-up of the model’s French Twist and a black hair band. What do you think of the black hair band verses the white hair band for a wedding? Here’s also an example of a white wedding hairband.

Wedding Hair Styles Updo

The Brazilian Blowout – For Brides Who Want Low Maintenance Hair

Ok, everything they say about the Brazilian Blowout is true, I finally took the plunge (all for the benefit of my readers, of course) and had it done. And I LOVE it!!!! This IS the secret to beautiful hair and believe it or not it actually improves the health of your hair and does not damage it in any way.

Fortunately, I did not have to travel all the way to West Hollywood to have it done, I was lucky enough to find a local salon with a fabulous hair stylist who knew exactly what to do. The process is identical to what they show in the video but thankfully a little less expensive. It made my long course, straight, hair shiny and smooth but not pin straight, and it still has body.

The best part about it is it returns to this exact state after you wash it, even if you let it air dry. Now I am all about LOW MAINTAINENCE hair and that is why I am highly recommending it to all of you soon to be brides out there. Now obviously you all want to look beautiful on the wedding day but what about all the pre-wedding events, and not to mention the honeymoon. I really think this would make your life so much simpler in an upcoming time of chaos.

There are a few downsides, for instance the initial cost, and the cost of the hair products which are necessary to maintain it. I paid a $150.00 for the treatment which is quite steep but they say it last three months and the products I bought are supposed to last through three or four treatments. But I will be honest with you the worst downside is the fact that it is very likely you will become addicted to your hair looking this amazing all the time.

Why Men are Afraid to Commit

Ladies you’ve all heard the stereotype about men avoiding marriage like the plague.  Well know you can know what’s behind this great fear of marriage…

A recent poll of 1533 heterosexual men was conducted as research for a book aiming to give women an understanding of why many smart, successful men opt to stay single.  Here’s what they found out…

– Men are 10 times more afraid of marrying the wrong person than never getting married at all!

– The poll showed that while in 1980 only 6% of men in their early 40’s were never married now that number is 17%

– The poll found that there are three types of bachelors:

  • 8% who never want to marry
  • 62% who want to marry but half of them are are holding out for perfection
  • 30% are on the fence about marriage

– As for having kids the bachelors said:

  • 4 of 10 did not want to be a father
  • 3 of 10 want to be a father
  • the rest were undecided

Finally, 72% said they were’nt afraid of marriage but half of them said that the situation that scared them most was marrying the wrong person

In my opinion, while this may result in a lot of men not popping the question for a long time if ever, this may help improve the divorce statistics in the future.  As frustrating as it may seem I’d rather be married to a man that is sure before he commits than finding out he wasn’t sure later!

Your thoughts?

Can Fighting Help Your Relationship?

You may not be fighting too much yet, but, there probably will be a time in the future when you have to argue to resolve issues.  This can go one of two ways, you can resolve the issues or you can end up damaging your relationship.  So which one do you want? 

Dale Adkins, author of Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life, and Kate White of Cosmopolitan appeared on the Today Show and gave great advice on how to argue effectively and maybe even make your relationship stronger.

Here are some of their tips on the Right Way to Argue:

–  Choose the Right Time
–  Stay Calm and Respectful
–  Stay on Topic
–  Find a Workable Solution

For the rest of the story check out this clip from the Today Show!

Does Marriage Make You Smarter?

Thomas Cook, Ph.D. author of The Memory Advantage: Improve Your Memory, Mood And Confidence Throughout Lifethinks so. It just doesn’t happen automatically when you get married. The opportunity to share experiences and information with you spouse can help your knowledge grow.

During the early stages of your relationship, while you are still infatuated with each other, you have that euphoric feeling and all you can think about is being with each other. Not much knowledge growth going on there!

But, during the more mature stages of your relationship things evolve into “a more mind cultivation of love and respect,” according to Dr. Cook.

Dr Cook recommends you take up activities as a couple to help cultivate your minds, some examples he gives are:

Dance Lessons

Watch a movie together and discuss the plot

Learn a language together

Take on a home project

It seems many couples tend to grow apart over time in a relationship. Having a strong relationship takes work and investment. So, I believe taking on a hobby together, something that you can enjoy together will do wonders for strengthening your relationship and make it last! Not to mention, make you both smarter, which is nice too!

Do you and your fiancé have common interests?

For more information on the concept of marriage making you smarter checkout this video from the Today Show.

Britney’s New Looks!

Okay folks, I found a new toy.  Brides.com came out with a new tool, the Brides.com Wedding Day Hair Studio, to help you brides “try on” new hairstyles and makeups.  It also helped keep me entertained today.  But hopefully me entertainment can give you an idea of what you can do with this thing.  So here we go, some of my creations look pretty bad, but I must admit some might not be too bad, you be the judge.

 Okay, lets start with a bald Britney Spears…

Britney Spears

Now using the amazing Wedding Day Hair Studio, lets “try on” Paris Hilton’s make-up and hair style.

Paris Hilton Britney Spears

Here, Britney is trying on Hillary Duff’s look.

Hillary Duff and Britney Spears

And finally, here’s Britney trying on Jennifer Aniston’s make-up and hair style.

Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears

Here’s Britney with long brown hair…

Britney Spears

Here’s Britney with long blonde hair…

Britney Spears

Okay, this pictures may be a little discouraging. Britney might be better off staying bald. But give the Wedding Day Hair Studio a try and let me know what you think!

Are You Going to Divorce over Money?

Financially Compatible

Fighting over money is one of the top reasons for divorce. So you might want to address the money issue before you tie the knot! While you’re dating everything is great, you are trying to impress each other with your generosity and making things special. So, buying / receiving those nice gifts and going out to dinner at nice restaurants might be a common thing.

After spending the average of $27,000 on your wedding, you might be starting your married life together in debt. Add to that a house payment, bills, children and you got yourself a recipe for disaster! So how do you weather the storm? By preparing ahead. Here are some ideas…

1. Discuss your financial situation with your fiancé: What kind of financial baggage are you bringing to the marriage? Are you already in debt? How’s your credit rating? What about your fiancé? Are you already concerned about how your fiancé handles money? Is he willing to discuss it? Then have this discussion to see where each of your stand. If this conversation is a problem you might want to think twice about a long term commitment because it’s not going to get better!

2. Discuss your financial goals: It is important that you are both in sync with regard to your goals. You don’t necessarily have to be in total agreement but you at least have to be able to compromise to the point that you are both comfortable. Do you both want to live debt free? Do you both want to purchase a home? Do you both want to put money away for a college fund? Retirement accounts?

3. Make a plan to achieve your goals: Even if you’re not in total agreement you can still work out a plan. Take a look at your goals and try to come to a joint agreement on how to achieve them. You might find that “you can’t get there from here” with your current salaries. Set up a budget that you can agree on, there are lots of books out there to help you do this. Personally, I love Suze Orman’s no nonsense practical advice. You might want to check out her book “The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke.” Set up separate accounts if it doesn’t look like a joint account will work for you. Many people find separate bank accounts gives them a feeling of independence and takes a lot of stress out of their relationship.

4. Have regular meetings to discuss your financial status: Money is an easy issue to avoid, especially if you know you disagree about it. Unfortunately, avoiding issues leads to bigger issues. What has worked for me is meeting with my husband every other week to discuss our budget and know what the plan is to meet it. These meetings help reduce our stress level because we know there isn’t going to be any unexpected spending on the other person’s part. Set up a regular set time because it’s always easy to find an excuse not to have these meetings!

Are financially compatible with your fiancé? Are you addressing the money issue in your relationship? Let’s hear your ideas to avoid relationship problems.

Thanks {teegan} for the photo!


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Why Don’t Guy’s Like Valentines Day?

Valentines Day

Okay ladies, this is the big day!  On this momentous day that falls right behind Christmas in importance I wanted to open something up for discussion.

How does your guy perceive Valentines Day?  Does he do a good job making things romantic?  How much do you reciprocate?  Do you think he should take the lead in making things romantic?

I came across an interesting article on iVillage.com, “Why Don’t Guys Like Valentines Day?”

The author equated Valentines Day with “emotional blackmail” and suggested to help your guy out you should:

1.  Be Clear With Your Expectations – Tell your man exactly what you expect to happen on Valentines Day
2.  Accept What He Manages to Come Up With – Disappointment will only deter further action.
3.  Understand that Guys Show Love in Ways that Sometimes Women Don’t Appreciate – Look for those ways and appreciate them
4.  Practice Quid Pro Quo – Since Valentines Day is a two way street “you know darn well what your guy wants. So why not give it to him?”

I was somewhat aggravated after reading this article.  I personally don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who has to be “blackmailed” to show his love for me.  I do agree it should be reciprocal but if I have to tell him exactly what to do to make me happy that definitely would take the warmth out of the relationship.  I understand that some guys would have some trouble understanding exactly what to do to express their love but when it comes down to it, it’s the intent and thought that goes into it that  would make me feel loved.

Anyway, I’m lucky, my husband doesn’t need help in this area.  He is off from work tomorrow and he planned a picnic for the two of us and we are also going to spend the day at a museum in LA.  So I’m happy!  And, I hope all of you are too!


What you are doing for Valentines Day.


Thanks Sister72 for the photo!

Are You Settling for Mr. Good Enough?

I read a great article today “Why it’s okay to Settle for Mr. Good Enough” and it got me thinking and they talked about it on the Today Show too. A lot of people feel the pressure to hold out for their sole mate. He has to be right in every way, looks, personality, interests. If he misses the mark in any department he’s thrown back. Then there’s those “lucky” girls who found their “sole mate,” everyone envies their relationship. Then five years down the road they have two kids, “sole mate” Bob is 30 lbs heavier and is glued to the TV watching football all weekend while that “lucky” girl is changing diapers and cleaning toilets. Okay, this doesn’t happen in all cases, but based on the divorce rate it happens pretty often!

Here’s the video from the Today Show:

Is it better to “settle” for someone who might not be the “perfect” guy but might be a better father and partner through life’s ups and downs?

It seems, like I said in my article “Why We Divorce” last week, that after life happens, bills, kids, and other stress related issues, relationships start to come down to earth. You start noticing those flaws, things that didn’t seem that bad before grow to be unbearable anyway. So why not look for qualities you can live with long term rather than things that seem to satisfy you right now?

So what is your opinion? Do you believe in “sole mates?” Are you thinking long term?

Why Marriages Succeed or Fail

Do you want to know, with 90% accuracy, whether or not you marriage will succeed or fail? Well, Dr Gottman, author of Why Marriages Succeed or Fail: And How You Can Make Yours Last, claims he is able to predict the fate of your marriage with a 90% accuracy. He’s monitored hundreds of couples during conflicts and has concluded that there are four different characteristics that spell out trouble. They are criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and withdrawal. He also says that positive to negative comments in a relationship must be in a 5 to 1 ratio. Are you getting nervous? Well, Dr. Gottman isn’t saying you are all doomed to failure! He has a four step program that can help turn your situation around.

Now, this morning on the Today show, I saw Dr. Laura Berman talking about her research about how personality traits can ruin your marriage. She broke the traits into four types also:

1. The Pleaser: “Puts the we before me in the relationship” Sounds to be somewhat co-dependant.

2. The One-Upper: Has to be right and fights until the other admits defeat.

3. The Avoider: “Sticks his/her head in the sand” Tries to avoid issues in hopes they go away or to avoid conflict.

4. The Catastrophizer: Tends to blame all his/her problems on their spouse. Uses terms like “You always…”, “You never…” often during fights.

Do you fall into any of these categories? I ordered Dr Gottman’s book today, it sounds pretty interesting.

Here’s the video from the Today show this morning, it’s only a few minutes long.