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Custom Wedding Wine Labels

Custom Wedding Wine Labels

Looking for a classy way to personalize your wedding?  Here’s an option…custom wine labels for the wine served at your reception.  There’s a couple of ways I recommend you do this.  Printing them out on your home computer is not one of them.  Especially if you have an ink jet printer! 

First option is to get custom wine labels professionally printed for you!  Stoney Creek Wine Press has a great selection of wine labels for most occasions or you can submit your own design.  Their wine labels are waterproof and scratch resistant.  But of course you have the problem of removing the old labels and having to apply the labels yourself.

Second option is to buy the bottles with the label already applied.  We have partnered up with a company called Custom Wine Source to provide this option!  They offer a variety of wine options, you pick the basic wine label design to match your occasion, then you customize it, and that’s it!  You can also submit your own design if you want.  This is by far the easiest option and will probably result in the most professional looking.

 Check them out to see what will work best for you!

Custom Wedding Wines

Custom Wedding Wine

A while ago I wrote a post about custom wedding wine labels.  Now, the time has come to find out about custom wedding wines.  You might ask, what’s the difference?  Well, these come with the labels already on the wine.  So you, 1) Pick your label, 2) Personalize your label, and 3) Choose your wine.  Then the company puts the labels on your wine and ships them to you! 

The Custom Wine Source provides a selection of different kinds of wines and over one hundred different kinds of labels which are easy to customize.  Or, you can totally customize your label and upload it.

Some other ideas are having customized sparkling wine or they have customized miniature sparkling wine you can give as wedding favors.

Having a holiday party?  They also have customizable Christmas wine labels as well as wine labels for other occasions.

Custom Wedding Wine Labels

wedding wine labelsHi everyone, here’s another idea to personalize your wedding ,this time with custom wine labels. There are a few ways to do this. The first and the cheapest is to print it yourself. Just be careful doing this, you need a good color printer to make sure it doesn’t look cheesy. You may also have a problem if (when) they come into contact with liquids and the ink running. Second, is to have them printed for you. There are many options out there on the internet that can help you with this. One place I found is Stoney Creek Wine Press. They’re waterproof and scratch resistant! You can customize your labels and they will print them and send them to you.

Now, I think the best way is to have your favorite winery sell you the bottles with your custom label already on the bottle! There are many wineries that do this but you might want to at least taste the wine first before you order a bunch of bottles. Here’s some examples from Su Vino Winery. The bottles at the top of the post are from Su Vino and here are close-ups of the labels.

UPDATE 12 Nov 07:  I was having problems loading the Su Vino website.  You can checkout The Custom Wine Source if you are interested in finding wine for your wedding with the label already attached.

wedding wine labelswedding wine labels

Any other ideas to personalize your wedding? Let us know! See you tomorrow.

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Wedding Drink Ideas

90+ point rated wines under $20

Okay people, let’s face it, one of the biggest things people enjoy at a wedding are the drinks. So lets spice it up a bit.

Since we are talking about unique wedding ideas here’s a few you can try…

– Custom wine labels for your wedding. There are many options out there. You can get the labels printed and put them on the bottles yourself, but what I think is best is to find a winery that will custom label their wine for you. Just do a search for “custom wine labels” and you’ll find a bunch of options.

– Signature drinks – That’s right, come up with your own concoction, preferably something both you and you’re future significant other like or have a bride drink and a groom drink. Hopefully, you pick something that most other people would like too! Give it a fancy name that personalizes it for you. You can post the name and ingredients at each bar.

What would be your signature drink and what would you call it?

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