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Wedding Websites with Matching Invitations

Isn’t it hard to try to keep a consistent wedding theme?  Well Our Wedding Plus has teamed up with Lucky Designs to offer matching wedding website templates to go with Lucky Designs new standard wedding invitations!  My husband worked with Erin the owner of Lucky Designs to exactly match the wedding websites designs to her wedding invitations.  Here are the graphics of the designs offered.  We also gave Erin a 20% off coupon code that she can give her customers!

Wedding Websites matching Invitations
Wedding Websites matching Invitations
Wedding Websites matching Invitations
Wedding Websites matching Invitations
Wedding Websites matching Invitations

Free Wedding Websites!

Wedding WebsitesHi everyone!  I want highlight our free wedding websites offer that we have going on.  We are now giving away a free wedding website with every wedding invitation order totaling over $250.  For details click here!

If you are interested in seeing what wedding websites can do to enhance your communication with your guests and how online RSVPs can make your life so much easier, check out our other posts about wedding websites and checkout our main website.

You can also try it out free for two weeks, no obligation!

Military Face Unique Wedding Planning Challenges

You may have seen it on Forbes.com, Yahoo Finance, or even on this Chinese News Site!   Our Wedding Plus is running a military special!

It’s no secret that many of our military couples are going through a rough time with the extended deployments and time away from family.  Imagine planning your wedding while your fiancé is half-way around the world for the entire year leading up to your ceremony.  Your budget is small and communication is limited to the occasional email.  Additionally, both your family and your fiancé’s family are from different parts of the country.  This problem is faced everyday by young military couples stationed around the world.  How do you coordinate plans with your fiancé?  How do you spread the word about wedding details to guests located around the country?

That’s why we decided to run a special for our military and their fiancés at Our Wedding Plus.  If you or your fiancé are active duty, Reserve, or Guard in the US Military we are providing you free premium wedding websites. 

Wedding websites are the ultimate communication tool for couples when planning their wedding.  Our Wedding Plus wedding websites also allow secure online RSVP and you can build and organize your guest list online.  This gives you the ability to broadcast email notices to guests and use the automated email reminders to guests to help expedite the RSVP process.

So if you or your fiancé are qualified, go to Our Wedding Plus and click on the military special button for details and see how to get started!  This offer is good until the end of February 2008. 

News from Our Wedding Plus!

We just launched our Affiliate Program!

Are you are a wedding professional and do you have a wedding related website, blog, etc?

If so you can earn 20% commission automatically from any wedding website or keepsake CD sales that result from your referrals!

All you have to do is sign-up by clicking the Affiliate Program link at the bottom of the OurWeddingPlus.com homepage or just click here!

If accepted as an affiliate we will send you instructions and special links to put on your website so you can start making money!

Here’s an example: if you refer someone and they purchase a 12-month wedding website subscription regularly priced at $72 you will earn $14.40!

So sign up today!


Get your Wedding Websites here!

Finally, after 8 months of work! Researching, designing, planning, incorporating, and beta testing we are finally online!

You may have been following along as we kept slipping our launch date on our homepage. It definitely took longer than we expected. There were lots of issues that popped up, decisions to make, and tweaks that we wanted. I know my web developer wanted to kill my husband at times. But, we wanted to provide the best product possible.

I’d like to thank our beta testers for their great inputs. They helped us find and fix a lot of things! We are now ready for the masses.


Checkout our website, Our Wedding Plus…where you can create an elegant wedding website, find the finest wedding invitations, and discover practical wedding planning tips.

Your premium personal wedding website will help you keep your guests informed of all your event information, build / manage your guest list, and allow your guests to securely RSVP online!Sign up for our free monthly newsletter!


Our Wedding Plus

Want a Free Wedding Website?

(UPDATE) Thanks for the Response: We have enough Beta Testers

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We Need Beta Testers….
We are very close to launching OurWeddingPlus.com! One of the things we will be offering on OurWeddingPlus.com will be Personal Wedding Websites.

Personal Wedding Websites are a great way to keep your guests informed of all your wedding events. Some of the premium wedding websites allow you to manage your guest list as well as receive and manage RSVPs online. OurWeddingPlus.com will offer all these features and, what we believe to be, the easiest to use Control Panel to create and manage your wedding website! So to make sure we offer the best product possible we are on the search for a limited number of Beta Testers to check out our site.

If you are currently planning your wedding, sign up to be a Beta Tester and be the first on your block to get an OurWeddingPlus.com Personal Wedding Website!
This is what you get:

– 12 Month Free Wedding Website Subscription ($75 Value)
– A Premium Personal Wedding Website – you create it in our easy to use Control Panel (Includes everything you need to keep your guests informed, accommodations, event info, gift registry, and much more)
– Build and organize your guest list securely on line
– Manage and receive RSVPs online.

All you have to do is give us feedback. Tell us what you like / don’t like, problems that you find, etc.

After we make our selection you will be notified.


Our Wedding Plus

The RSVP Blues

Response CardYou spent a lot of money on your wedding invitations, you have a tremendous and might I say expensive wedding reception planned and its two days before your RSVP deadline and guess what? Only 50% of the people you invited have bothered to send you their RSVP, in spite of the fact that you included addressed and stamped response cards with your wedding invitation package!

This seems to be a universal problem. So how do we handle it? Is there a trick to get people to be courteous enough to give you some sort of a response? Well, maybe, here’s a couple that might work. If you have other suggestions share them with us.

1. Give your guests the option of RSVPing online. Some “personal wedding websites” allow you to track your RSVPs online. How does this help you with your RSVP deadline predicament? A few days prior to your RSVP deadline, send a friendly email reminder to those guests who you haven’t received a response from and provide a link to your RSVP page on your wedding website. The only issue here is you have to have their email address. But, since most people are communicating with family and friends via email this should be becoming less of an issue.

2. I read about a trick on About.com:Entertaining, where someone suggested leaving an important piece of information off of the invitation. In this case she left off the time of the event. This way if you want to go to the event you will have to call to find out when it is. Seems a little devious, what do you think? While this may work for small weddings, I can see this being a problem for larger ones.

3. Call them. Hmm. Is that correct etiquette? I guess it is possible that the invitation was lost in the mail.

It’s a tough one, but I think I’d go with a combination of 1 & 3. I would attempt to contact as many through email as possible and give them the option of RSVPing online. Then if that doesn’t work, the day after the RSVP deadline, I’ll try to call them. After that I give up.

Sidenote: The response card shown above is an accessory to a very finely made letterpress wedding invitation from William Arthur. If you are interested in see the invitations and the rest of the wedding invitation accessories, click here!

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The Personal Wedding Website

personal wedding websitesSo you’re getting married. Are you ready for the challenge? There’s a lot ahead! Building your guest list, tracking RSVPs, keeping track of your guests meal preferences, keeping your guests informed or event details, out of town accommodations, maps and directions, gift registry information. Don’t you wish there was an easy way to handle these details, especially with all the other decisions you need to handle?

Well lucky for you there is! Get yourself a personal wedding website! Believe it or not personal wedding websites are not yet mainstream. There are still a lot of couples out there who don’t realize how easy it is to get their own wedding website and what the benefits are. They may think that if it even was possible to get their own wedding website it would be way to expensive and complicated. But wedding websites are becoming easier to create and more advanced.

There are a couple of different major wedding website options to choose from. You can have your personal wedding website created for you by a professional web designer or you can create your own wedding website with one of the many wedding website companies out there. I recommend creating your own since it has become so easy, you can update your website any time, and they’re cheap!

Here’s how a wedding website can help you…

– Do you have a lot of family and friends out of town? They will have questions about accommodations, directions, etc.

– Do you want to let your guests get to know you and your bridal party? Your wedding website can tell your story, how you met, introduce your bridal party, so your guests feel a little more familiar at your wedding.

– Your guests want to know what to get you as a gift, where your registered etc. You may feel uncomfortable verbally telling your guests where your gift registry is and you probably don’t want to put it in your invitation package. But you can put it on your wedding website and you can even put a link to your registry!

– Many wedding websites have offer the ability to build your guest list online and track RSVPs online. This not only makes it easier for you to track RSVPs but it gives your guests an easy option to RSVP and let you know their meal choices.

So, for those of you that have a personal wedding website. Was it a great as they are cracked up to be? Share your problems and how it helped you. Are there any wedding website features that were worthless or features you wish you had?

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Thanks to Colin Gregory Palmer for the photo.