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Punchbowl.com – The End of the Wedding Invitation?

Okay, I’ll ask the question… Do you think 10 years from now we will still be sending those expensive paper wedding  invitations through the mail? That is, if the postal system is still in existence! Take a look at the main way we communicate with friends and family today:

  •  Write a letter and send it through the USPS – are you kidding me?!?
  •  Email – this even seems to be on its decline
  •  Texting – yes, this is very popular for short, quick messages
  •  Facebook – most definitely the most widespread way to stay in touch, share pictures, have interactive discussions, etc.

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone checks Facebook to see what’s going on with friends and family. We have it on our laptops, tablets, and phones. Why? Because it’s fast, easy, logically organized so you can easily sort through messages and pictures, you automatically get updates when something new is posted, there’s no paper taking up space, and best of all its totally free! So isn’t it logical to think that eventually we will be migrating to totally digital communication to include save the dates, invitations, RSVPs, and even thank you notes? As much as I love the feel and tradition of a high quality wedding invitation, I think we may be in the last generation that will use them.

If you are feeling really brave and want to break with tradition early, there is a great option. Punchbowl.com is probably the most popular party planning site out there now, and for good reason. It does pretty much anything you would need to plan, organize, invite, track, and thank all your guests for any type of event. Plus, their system works on mobile devices and allows you to send invitations through Facebook private messages or wall posts as well as Twitter. The user interface is easy for both the planner and the guests. They have an amazing amount of customizable animated save the date and invitation designs for almost any occasion. Here’s a few samples.

punchbowl wedding invitations

Some of my favorite features includes the Date Decider. Since you want to make sure your guests are able to make the date of you your events, why not offer options and let them decide? Punchbowl.com makes it easy with the Date Decider:

punchbowl wedding planner


Their RSVP feature is very easy to use. Here’s a screenshot:

punchbowl wedding rsvps

And like I said, I think being able to connect the application to Facebook is essential. Here’s a screenshot of Punchbowl’s interface.

punchbowl facebook share

For many of you, taking the leap of going totally online with your wedding planning may be a little too much. Why not try it for your smaller events like your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or even just a small party?

I think Punchbowl.com is on the right track but there are a few things that I didn’t like.  The free version is loaded with ads which really takes away from the experience for the guests. You have to upgrade to the paid version to get rid of the ads.  The other thing I think Punchbowl does need to work on is provide secure RSVPs so people can only RSVP with the number of guests you invite. I believe it’s important to be able to maintain control of your guest list. We designed this feature into our wedding website product. To see what I mean sign-up for a free trial and give it a try.

So, what does the future hold? I think it will be common for brides in the 2020’s to do it all online. Send out save the dates and invitations through direct messages in Facebook, accept and manage RSVPs, manage to-do lists, find vendors, gift registries, take polls about dates to hold the events, and never send out a piece of paper. Are you ready to break with tradition? What are your thoughts?

Peacock Wedding Theme – Not just a symbol of beauty

Peacock Wedding ThemeIt is no wonder the peacock wedding theme gained such popularity this year, as was predicted on many wedding blogs. You can find peacock wedding invitations and accessories, not to mention dresses with fit right into the theme.  Peacocks are such regal birds, and just a glimpse of one tail feather automatically brings to mind extraordinary beauty, elegance and glamour.  Which most of us would love associated with our wedding. But, I have learned the peacock theme can mean so much more. So I am going to share with you why I associate this theme with a little more than the obvious, and why I think it is a perfect choice.

I have recently become acquainted with a peahen and if you are not familiar (I wasn’t before now) it is a female peacock. This frumpy female bird is definitely not as glamorous looking as the male, but she has other appealing attributes.

A few months ago a peahen chose my little “barnyard” to lay her eggs, which by the way, without the presence of a peacock, will never hatch. Despite that fact Ms. P (shown above), as we have so affectionately named her, diligently cares for these five eggs. Her dedication and strength is unending. She leaves her nest only once a day to eat and drink, as fast as she can so her nest is not left unattended for very long, and then right back on, for another grueling 24 hours. My husband and I have witnessed her carry out her routine for weeks in the intense Florida heat and sun and once through a horrible thunderstorm. We have both become so impressed by her amazing dedication that I just felt compelled to share this story. So while you are deciding where to strategically place these gorgeous peacock feathers, perhaps in the centerpieces or attached to the invitations, remember Ms. P and her enduring strength and commitment, and know you couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate symbol for a wedding theme.

peacock themed wedding ideas

It is an awesome theme choice for an outdoor wedding or a vintage theme, and what a color palette it inspires, the vivid greens and teals and blues, oh my. Now keep in mind, as with any theme less is more. You don’t want to over do it.

Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations

Here’s a great peacock themed wedding invitation from Minted.  You can find our more about it here.  The inspiration board shown above came from the following sources:

Shoes from Etsy
Cupcake banners from Blush Printables
Table Setting from Hostess With the Mostess
Alfred Angelo Bridal Gowns from our own blog!
Man’s suit and tie picture from Andrew and Jessica’s Photography Blog

5 Table Name Ideas I Found on Weddingbee

Table numbers are so 20th Century! Okay folks it appears there are no limits on how you can name your tables. Here are five ideas I found on Weddingbee that run the spectrum from sophisticated to geeky or stick to the theme or want to be more personal.

1. Back in 2008, “Miss Green Tea” named her tables after Chinese Teas in line with her wedding theme in spite of her ministers thoughts of being more personal, like using names of places they visited. 

Wedding Table Name Ideas

2. In 2007, “Miss Hummingbird” named her tables after video games. She admits to being a geek and apparently this was in the theme of her wedding.

Wedding Table Name Ideas

3. In 2009, “Miss Cowboy Boot” used different horse pictures as the way to distiguish her tables for her horse themed wedding.

Wedding Table Name Ideas

4. In 2007, “Mrs Hibiscus” used pictures of places they visited as table names. To keep it in their theme they made them in the color of their wedding theme.

Wedding Table Name Ideas

5. In 2007, “Mrs Apple” had a unique idea of using “Great Pairs” Lucy & Desi
Laverne & Shirley
Luke & Leia
Mario & Luigi
Tom and Jerry for the kids table.
Meat & Potatoes

Wedding Flower Trends for Fall

Fall isn’t here yet but it’s definitly time to start planning for that fall wedding if you haven’t yet!  I’m excited to have a guest post today from Sarah Harris of Wedding Planning Advice where you can find a selection of wedding widgets to countdown the days until your wedding! 

Fall brings pumpkins, multicolored oak leaves, and new wedding flower trends! Even though a simple, white rose wedding bouquet can be an easy go-to, these new trends can inspire you to think outside of the box when designing your wedding bouquets and flower décor.

Fall Wedding Flowers Baby’s Breath

Photo From: http://www.intimateweddings.com/blog/

No Longer Just a Filler

Even though some women may cringe at the sight of this “filler flower,” a large bouquet of baby’s breath can be a simple, low-cost alternative to an orchid or rose stuffed bouquet. If you choose this unique style, you can be sure to turn heads with this new and trendy idea. The understated beauty of a baby’s breath bouquet is decidedly girly while remaining unpretentious.

Fall Wedding Flowers Moss

Photo From: http://blog.koyalwholesale.com

Say it with Moss

If you are a DIY diva and love wedding projects, this fall wedding trend is for you. Moss can be a wonderful design element for many do-it-yourself wedding projects. Creating a monogram or initial out of moss will add a natural element to your décor. Also, your guests will be impressed with your stellar DIY skills!

Affordable Fall Wedding Flowers

Photo From: http://weddingtip.files.wordpress.com

Less is More

Even though some wedding flower designs can be over the top, you do not have to follow suit and bury your reception under a plethora of petals. Sometimes a simple bunch of the same flower is more beautiful and interesting than a multicolored slew of stems. If you love this fall wedding flower trend, you can be sure that you will save time and money.

Yellow Fall Wedding Flowers

Photo From: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/

Just Plant It

Natural elements are hot for fall wedding flower décor. What is more natural than a “planted” flower in the grass? A new trend for wedding flower design is to make your flowers appear to be growing from the ground. Though this trend may take more time and effort from you or your floral designer, your guests will love the look of your beautiful aisle.

5 Midnight Snacks to Close Out The Wedding Party

Well the party is coming to a close. That big event, that you’ve been stressing about and worrying about every minor detail for over a year, is over already! Well, how about you make a final impression on your guests to make sure they walk away thinking, “could that have gotten any better?!?” Here are some ideas to seal the deal with your guests at the end of the night!

1. The chocolate chip cookie favor: Who wouldn’t like to see these on the way out? What a great idea for the ride home! Found these at It’s a Jaime Thing.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Wedding Favors

2. Cupcake Wedding Favors: On a similar note, check out these! You can have individually boxed cupcakes for your guests as a little going away surprise!

Cupcake Wedding Favors

3. Of course if you want to be more extravagant, the wedding donut is always an option that will amaze your guests. Check out my recent post for details about the Donut Divas!

Wedding Donuts

4. Now to wash it down. It seems like Milk Shake Shots are becoming the new rage! Here are some amazing milkshake shots I found over at Style Notes.

Wedding Milkshake Shots

5. And finally the Coffee Bar: Yes, it’s going to be a long drive home for some folks. How about you help get them focused. We all know coffee is popular and who wouldn’t love a nice cappuccino to close out the night. Here’s a beautiful coffee bar I found over at my old friend Melissa’s blog (hi Melissa, I know it’s been a long time, sorry I haven’t been in touch for a long while!)

Wedding Coffee Bar

This one looks like a self serve coffee bar but there are full service coffee bar vendors out there too.

Personalized Wedding M&M’s On Sale!

Personalized Wedding M& M’s
Looking for some unique wedding favors? Something that is definitely personal and can’t be found anywhere else? How about some M&M’s with pictures of the bride and groom on them? You can even add your own message and pick the colors!

I’ve told you about these personalized M&M’s before in other posts, but since we are affiliates with My M&M’s, they just sent me word that from January 15th 2010 through February 15th 2010, they are running a Valentine’s Day Sale where you get 14% off your order.

So, if you want to take advantage of this sale just click on this banner!

Offer - 14% off all orders - VDAY

Attention Bay Area Brides! Checkout Wedding University

Wedding University San Francisco Wedding Planning

If you are just starting your wedding planning process, you probably have lots of questions and concerns about what’s ahead for you. There is lots to think about.  So, here’s a resource you might want to look into.

Wedding University is being hosted by some of the San Francisco areas top wedding professionals. The focus of the day is to help you understand the wedding planning process. You will be taught what to look out for by wedding professional in the area of general planning, catering, photography, entertainment, beauty, attire and etiquette, and videography.

This is will be held 11AM to 5PM on January 31st, 2010 at the Four Seasons in Silicon Valley. Registration ends on January 29th or when they reach their 150 person limit.

To find out more you can go to the Wedding University website or to register click on the image above!

3 Essential Tips for Being a Great Bridesmaid plus 1 for the Bride

Being a great bridesmaid

That’s me on the right as the maid of honor; the beautiful bride on the left is my best friend Tina.

Most of you have probably been or will be asked to take on the role of maid of honor or bridesmaid so I thought I would share a little advice on how to be the best bridesmaid.

I have been a maid of honor three times and a bridesmaid once and I truly enjoyed the experience. Now, you might be thinking, of course you enjoy it you, are in the wedding business. But the reason I enjoyed it so much is because I view it as being included in one of the most memorable times in the life of someone I love. That doesn’t mean I’m not aware of what a major responsibility it is to take on and how expensive it can be.

But hopefully my tips can help make you a great bridesmaid:

  1. Expect to Spend Money – There are expenses that come along with the honor of being a bridesmaid; there’s no getting around it. So, plan ahead. Start saving as soon as possible so you are well prepared when the time comes to buy the dress, the shoes, etc.
  2. Be a Good Bridesmaid – Try to truly see the bride’s vision of her wedding and support it. Don’t force your opinions on the bride. Be agreeable about style choices, wedding design, etc. This is her day not yours.
  3. Do your Best to be Available – Understand the bride in all probability is stressed out and task saturated during the wedding planning process. The best thing you can do for her doesn’t cost any money. Perhaps be there to help pick out her dress, choose flowers, and most importantly provide moral support. But ladies, make sure you keep tip #2 in mind.
  4. Finally, for the Bride – Remember the movie “27 Dresses” when picking out your bridesmaid dresses. Try to choose something that not only compliments your wedding theme but also something that can be used again. Your bridesmaids will appreciate it.

Brides if you are looking for more help on how to work with your bridesmaids check out this post!  How your bridesmaids can help you!

Personalized Wedding M&M’s On Sale Again!

Personalized Wedding M& M’s Those personalized wedding M&M’s are sure popular!  Personalized Wedding M&M’s are a very unique way to personalize your wedding and they make great Wedding Favors. To find out more about these unique wedding M&M’s and how you can use them as wedding favors, check out my recent post Personalized Wedding M&M’s.

The good news is My M&M’s is having a sale on Personalized Wedding M&M’s.  But you have to act quick!  The sale ends December 12th 2009! See the links below. Just click on them to take advantage of this sale!

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How to Save Money on Your Wedding

Saving Money on your Wedding

Are you putting off planning your wedding because of finances? I know, believe me, weddings are expensive, and the thought of planning one may be very intimidating. But where there’s a will there’s a way. Here are a few ideas that just might convince you to go ahead and start wedding planning, just remember to be flexible and, use your imagination. Now the vision you had of your dream wedding may have to change a little but your ability to adapt will become your most valuable asset. 

Be Creative: If you begin planning your wedding well in advance you will give yourself enough time to come up with creative ways to raise extra money. I saw a news story about a lovely couple who desperately want to adopt a baby and can’t afford it ($30,000). So they are raising money through a garage sale. And it is not just your average garage sale, checkout their blog.

Save Money on Wedding Outdoor

Use Your Imagination: A natural setting can provide a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding and think of all the money you can save on decorating. Maybe someone you know lives by a lake or in an old Victorian home with wraparound porch and a picturesque backyard. I think the equestrian center where I keep my horses would make a beautiful setting, I can picture strings of lights illuminating the trees, and the white fences and green pastures (not to mention the beautiful horses) providing an amazing background.

Saving Money on Wedding Horses

Pool Your Resources: Maybe you have close friends and family with hidden talents that will offer to help for FREE. One of the most memorable weddings I have been to was my sisters and not for the obvious reason, but because so many of us pitched in to make it happen. For instance, we had some of the family’s best cooks make the food and the grooms father and brother built a beautiful arbor for them to stand under during the ceremony. This potluck style might sound a bit old fashioned but I assure you this wedding had the warmest and most charming atmosphere.

Saving on Wedding Backyard

Scale Down the Guest List: A shorter guest list will allow you to increase quality in other areas. I love the long banquet style table trend. This is a great way to create a very intimate feel. Even one table decorated beautifully can outshine a massive banquet hall.

Get Thrifty: Checkout a local beauty school. They just might have a talented student who can do mani-pedis at a fraction of the cost of a fancy spa. Register on Bride$hare.  I found out about this over at the The Broke-Ass Bride Blog (love her ideas).  Bride$hare is a social networking site which brings brides together to help them save money.

Keep in mind that a wedding does not have to be extravagant to be exquisite!

As for the great pictures in this post, I must give credit to:

– Long Wedding Table: Intimate Weddings Blog
– Outdoor Wedding Setting:  Big Wedding Tiny Budget
– The Outdoor Wedding Location with Horses:  LA Equestrian Center
– The Outdoor Wedding Arbor:  Bah Humbug