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Ballet Shoes for your Wedding?

Say what?  That’s right…after wearing those fancy heels during your wedding ceremony, the formal pictures, etc.  it’s time to relax and have fun.  So here’s a tip.  Have a pair of fashionable ballet bridal shoes that kind of match your wedding dress so you can dance and mingle without worrying about blisters, falling, or generally being uncomfortable.  So after you make your entrance at the reception, kick off those uncomfortable but beautiful shoes and throw on some very comfortable and beautiful bridal ballet shoes!

These ballet bridal shoes are from TJ Formal.  Just click on the picture to find out more about them.

wedding ballet slipperHere’s another beautiful pair of wedding ballet slippers from Dessy. I love the stylish tucks on the toe.  The great thing about these are they also come in ivory and in Dessy’s most popular bridesmaid colors!  So take pity on your bridesmaids.  Let them be comfortable too!  These stylish wedding ballet slippers will make a great gift for your bridesmaids that they (and their feet) will appreciate all night long.

wedding ballet shoes for the bridesmaids

The Birdcage Veil: It’s Back!

Birdcage Veil

Well, it is official the birdcage veil which was all the rage in the 1950’s is definitely one of the hottest wedding trends in 2010. I wasn’t a fan at first but, after attending a bridal fashion show this weekend I’ve changed my mind. One of the models wore a birdcage veil and she looked chic and elegant in every gown she walked down the runway in. Her veil came to the edge of her chin and was attached with rhinestone hair clips on each side, and let me just say, it delicately framed her face beautifully.

As with many fashion trends Hollywood happens to be our inspiration and this certainly holds true with the birdcage veil too! The top photos are of Katherine Heigl and Jamie Presley at their recent weddings and the bottom photos are movie weddings with Jessica Alba in the Fantastic Four and Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama.

Now there are many versions of the birdcage veil, for instance it can be adorned with silk flowers or feathers or it can come to the chin or just cover the eyes. But just keep in mind with any style I suggest you sample them all. You never know what will look best on YOU until you give it a try.

If you do decide on a birdcage veil I personally recommend you keep the gown on the simple and elegant side and definitely wear the veil with confidence.

Here’s a couple I like in our very own Wedding Shop!  To find out more just click on them.

Birdcage Veil

Birdcage Veil

Weddings For Warriors

What a wonderful way to say THANK YOU to our troops!!

I am writing this post with immense gratitude to all the organizations that came together for Weddings for Warriors on Veteran’s Day in Savannah Ga. This was an event, spearheaded by the Savannah Weddings and Tourism Council, to provide free wedding ceremonies to active duty military.

And as part of their ongoing partnership with Operation Homefront designer Alfred Angelo donated the beautiful bridal gowns for the event. Now I’m not sure if any of you know this but I was active duty Air force for eight years so I speak from experience. And I am pretty certain the service women (although, wear their uniform with great pride) didn’t mind trading it in for a little while to wear one of your beautiful gowns. So special thanks to Alfred Angelo because I am sure you helped create some “pretty” amazing memories.

And in addition Alfred Angelo announced a Military Discount for service women and brides of service men in June 2009. Military brides will be offered a 15% discount on any Alfred Angelo bridal gown purchased at an Alfred Angelo-owned flagship bridal store. As an extra bonus, military brides can also take advantage of $25 off bridesmaid gowns at the time of their bridal gown purchase. A valid military ID is necessary for all purchases.

If you didn’t already know, Our Wedding Plus also provides free wedding websites to all military personnel.

We owe ALL who participated a big thank you for giving back to people who sacrifice so much.

Wang Week: Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dresses

27 Dresses Bridesmaid Dresses

Does everyone remember the movie 27 Dresses? Poor Katherine Heigl got stuck with all those hideous bridesmaid dresses which were impossible to ever envision wearing again. Well, having been a maid of honor three times and a bridesmaid once I happen to know a little about the subject. The best advice I can give every bride is to be kind and considerate of their bridesmaids. Choose gowns that not only flatter their figures but also something they like, and can RE-USE! Here’s a few bridesmaid dresses from Vera Wang’s “Maid to Order” collection

Vera Wang Maid to Order Bridesmaid Dresses

Vera’s bridesmaid dress collection is a Win-Win for the bride and the bridesmaid! And the best part is these gowns are not only gorgeous, they are affordable. Just remember they are “maid- to- order” so they require up to nine weeks for delivery. Check them out at Vera Wang’s website… Shop VeraWang.com

 Thanks to the Emerging of the Bombshell Within for the 27 Dresses picture!

Wang Week: Vera Wang Bridal Gowns

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Bridal Gowns Celebrities

It’s All about the dress!

Vera Wang has become as famous as her celebrity clients. We all know Vera Wang has designed bridal gowns for Ivanka Trump, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, and of course the Vera Wang Bridal Gown in the Sex in the City photo shoot scene, just to name a few. But did you also know it is possible for even us non-celebrities to make the trip down the aisle in one of her luxurious designs? Many of her dresses range from $2,000 to $7,000 which is not to far off of what many middle-class brides spend on their gowns. 

I highly encourage you to visit her website, if nothing else but for inspiration.  She has impeccable taste and she offers advice which any bride will find helpful.Vera Wang Bridal Gown Devon

And of course here’s my top pick, the Vera Wang Devon. You can find it on her website! Shop VeraWang.com

Wedding Dresses by Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee Wedding Dresses

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting much this week but we’ve been out horse shopping! I finally found my new horse. We go to pick it up next week! So, since I haven’t been posting too much, I’m not going to do a Top-5 this week but pass on some good bridal gown info.

Are you familiar with Jenny Lee bridal gowns? Jenny Lee’s gowns are definitely top of the line, made with imported fabrics from Italy and France. Her wedding dresses are simple and elegant.

Jenny Lee recently announced that they will be introducing her new Fall 2008 collection called JL Couture on April 12th.
Here’s what Jenny had to say about JL Couture:

“I am proud to introduce my new line, JL Couture, it offers fashion forward women the ability to create their own look while not feeling like a traditional bride.” says Jenny. “Each gown enhances a woman’s body and unique beauty. This bride is confident and has her own point of view about how she wants to look on her wedding day.”

They actually sound intriguing. JL Couture gowns are supposed to provide a formal look for the ceremony and a “red carpet” look for the reception by offering mix and match pieces, eliminating the need to buy two dresses. Plus they claim you’ll be able to utilize the pieces again after the wedding!

I tried to get some pictures but wasn’t able to. I guess we’ll have to wait until April 12th.

Jenny Lee dresses range between $3,500 – $8,000.

The dresses shown above are from the Jenny Lee Spring 2008 Collection.

Marrying and Carrying?

Here’s something different and something you may not have seen…maternity wedding dresses! There are a few maternity clothes designers that include wedding dresses in their lines, here’s a few.  I came across an interesting press release about maternity wedding dresses the other day.  Here’s a sampling of some of these maternity wedding dresses, checkout Destination Maternity for more.

Maternity Wedding Dresses

Maternity wedding dresses

Design Your Dream Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses 

Well almost.  Before you head out to the store to sort through hundreds of dresses it’s probably a good idea to start sifting through some styles to eliminate the ones you just don’t like and start ranking the styles that you do.  Obviously the most common way of doing this is sorting through a bunch of wedding magazines or if you want to use the internet you can check out my post “Just Wedding Gowns” to get links to all the top designers. 

Now that you narrowed down your selection it’s time to have a little fun.  Not sure how useful this is, I’d like to get your feedback.  Checkout the iVillage Build your Dream Dress website.  You enter your body type, then design your dress to your liking and theoretically you can get an idea of how you would look in your dress.  It might help you trim your list down a little more before you go shopping.    Give it a shot and let us know if you found it useful, at the minimum it might keep you occupied at work for about 20 minutes.  Then when you’re about ready to go shopping check out my post “The Search for the Perfect Bridal Gown” and watch a great video with some great wedding dress shopping tips! If you’re interested, the wedding dresses above are from J.Crew and cost well under $1,000!

Good Luck! 


Short Wedding Dresses?

Short Wedding DressHere’s an interesting trend in wedding dresses.  Evidently it’s the reinvention of a trend from the 1950’s!  I found an interesting post over at Gownella, they have more pictures over there.

They look pretty cute, but definitely not traditional.  You probably need to have some nice legs and a nice figure to go with them.  This cute dress is from Carmela Sutera.

What do you think of the short wedding dress?  Is it for you?

Ann Taylor Celebrations Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridesmaids should be one of your best assets during your wedding planning. They are some of the most important ladies in your life and hopefully are there to help reduce your stress load during the planning process.

So how can you show your appreciation? By ensuring that the bridesmaid dresses they are required to buy are classy and can be worn again and again. Another thing I keep harping on is allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own dress style to fit their body type and tastes within the overall boundaries that you set.

I’ve provided options in past posts, you can find them in the wedding dress category link on the right side of this page. Now here’s another beautiful yet, not very expensive option.

I’m a big Ann Taylor fan, when I go by an Ann Taylor store in the mall it’s like a black hole sucking me in! I especially like the fact that they also have a great petites section! Anyway, it goes without saying that I love Ann Taylor’s Celebration bridesmaid dress line! Ann Taylor Celebration dresses seem to be becoming very popular these days. I’ve seen them on several blogs and they seemed to be a popular choice on some Weddingbee posts.

Today, while looking at the Ann Taylor website I found that there’s quite the sale going on selected styles! Some styles of dresses are over 50% off! They are also running The Ultimate Honeymoon Giveaway too.

You will be able to find dresses in matching colors in different styles if you want to let your bridesmaids choose their style. If you look around the site a little more you’ll even find matching bowties for the groomsmen.

Anyone using Ann Taylor Celebrations in their wedding? What brand of bridesmaid dresses are you using?