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Wedding Cake Pops: Say Hello to my Little Friend

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to have had a cake pop, brace yourself, I am about to enlighten you on a scrumptious, golf ball size, chunk of heaven, on a stick!

Wedding Cake Pops

(photo credit:  all photos from cjmartin on flickr of Sweet Lauren Cakes cake pops!)

Granted I love cake, pretty much in any form, but these little pops are in a class all their own. It is cake mixed with frosting and then, get this, dipped in chocolate, all three of my favorite things rolled into one little “power ball.”  So what can you do with these delicious, little, magnificent creations, well for you brides too be, the options are endless. It just so happens that there is a Cake Pop expert who can help with recipes, inspiration and so much more and she calls herself Bakarella. Maybe you have heard of her before and if you haven’t I’m sure you will in the future.  Check out her book called Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats

And if you are searching for a DIY project perhaps for wedding favors or for the bridal shower I think the cake pop is a terrific candidate for such an undertaking. There is a great blog post from Roxy of Roxy Cakes which provides full instructions on how to make cake pops. And even if you are not looking for a DIY project go ahead and visit Roxy’s site her creations are absolutely beautiful, another great place for inspiration and expert advice.

Visit our new Wedding Shop for Wedding Accessories!

Sorry for the lack of regular posting but we’ve been pretty busy setting up our new online Wedding Shop!

Our Wedding Plus just went live with our new Wedding Shop packed with pretty much every wedding accessory you can think of.  Including bridal jewlery, bridal veils, wedding bands, wedding cake toppers, unity candles, bridesmaid gifts, groomsman gifts and a whole lot more!  The selection is gigantic but we have a lot of easy links on the main page and there’s also a search feature to help you find what you want!

We plan on making the wedding shop landing page prettier in the near future but we wanted to get it online as soon as possible. 

Wedding Cake Tips

Wedding CakeThe New York Daily News had a great article a couple of weeks ago with some great information about how to pick out your wedding cake baker and some handy tips about how to handle your wedding cake at the reception. Here’s a link to the original article and here’s some great info from the article.

“Ask friends for references and look at pictures in magazine. Meet with the person, explain your theme and ask them for their ideas,” advises Bratten. “Look through their book to see what they’ve done before. You should get a sense of whether you’ll like working together and whether they can translate your vision. Make sure you talk contracts, deposits, and always have a tasting!”


To keep costs down, order a small embellished cake for cutting and stash iced sheet cakes in the kitchen that can be easily sliced and served to guests.

For a summer wedding, go with fondant icing instead of buttercream if you plan to display your cake outdoors. It will hold up well without refrigeration.

If you’re planning to serve your cake on a special tray or pedestal, deliver it to your baker at least a week before the wedding.

Display the cake in a photo-ready spot well away from the dance floor and beware of any exit or rest room signs in the background.

Make a single ceremonial cut into the bottom layer of the cake and leave the rest of the slicing to the caterer in the kitchen.

Place each slice of cake with fruit, a sauce or a scoop of sorbet to complement the taste and make a pretty presentation.

To save the top tier, cover it tightly in plastic wrap, then layer with heavy-duty foil and freeze. (Cheat and eat it for your one-month anniversary – it’ll taste better!)

Thanks Pink Cake Box for the beatiful wedding cake picture!

America’s Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Wedding CakeAccording to Conde Nast Bridal Media statistics the cutting of the wedding cake is the #1 tradition that couples include in their wedding celebration. 95% of couples include this tradition. They also say the average couple spends $463 on their wedding cake and 51% of brides say that wedding cake ideas are one of their top needs during the planning process!

So chances are you have wedding cakes on your mind! I know wedding cake on my mind and I’m not even planning my wedding!

Well, here’s some help for inspiration and it might even get you a free wedding cake. Brides Magazine April/May 2008 issues is featuring a 22 page spread featuring America’s 50 Most Beautiful Cakes and Brides.com also has all 50 wedding cakes online. They are from bakers all around the country. You can go online and view the cakes and then vote for your favorite. You will also be given a chance to win that cake for your wedding!

Here’s the best part, which I might have to participate in (just to provide important research for you of course).

A display of some of BRIDES’ 50 Most Beautiful Cakes, along with seminars and tastings, will take place at Bloomingdale’s across the nation on the following dates:

  March 6, 2008 Medinah Temple – Chicago, Illinois   6-8pm
  March 8, 2008 Chevy Chase Mall – Chevy Chase, Maryland  6-8pm
  March 15, 2008 Fashion Valley Mall – San Diego, California  1-3pm
  March 27, 2008 King Of Prussia – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   6-8pm

Vanilla Bake Shop!

Wedding Cupcakes
Hi everybody! I’m back from LA. This morning I got to go to Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica to sample their great cupcakes. I loved the cute little shop they have! Nicely decorated with a few tables if you can’t wait to dig in. I got a box of six of their “Cupcake Babies” so I wouldn’t feel too guilty. Lucky for me they were out of their “jar of Dirt Cake” but they did have a small “shot glass” size I got to try, it was delicious. I was also glad to see they had Mint Chocolate cupcakes babies, my favorite!

Up top there’s a picture of one of their beautiful Cupcake Towers! The owners, Amy and Jeremy, decided to take a break from their catering business while they got their new shop going but they said they will start catering again sometime in August! So if you want one of those great wedding cupcake towers or want them to make a wedding cake for you check with them to see if they are available.

Anyway, their cupcakes are great. I especially loved the Mint Chocolate, Mocha Chocolate (picture below, notice the espresso bean), and Bittersweet Dark Chocolate! Compared to Sprinkles Cupcakes over in Beverly Hills, I find these a little lighter, and their icing is more whipped and creamy (and I didn’t have to stand in line for 20 minutes to get in the door!). I also like the option of getting a smaller version to reduce my guilt factor. But, I will definitely have to go check out Sprinkles again to confirm :-) , I definitely don’t want to give you any bad information!

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Our Wedding Plus

Unique Groom Cakes!

Well it is like Christmas in July! I just received my brand new Dell Inspiron! I traded in my Pentium III laptop…that’s right Pentium III. I was operating in the stone age! It feels good to be sitting here typing in Word 2007! It was just in time too! Today I had to restart my old laptop 5 times just to get to my Windows ME desktop! Now it’s time to get down to business…

Today I’m going to pass on some pictures of some pretty unique groom cakes.
Are any of you getting a groom cake for your groom? The jury is still out on this one for me. It kind of remi nds me of getting your 1-year old their own mini cake to destroy on their first birthday.

Anyway, these cakes are from Pink Cake Box in New Jersey. Anne Heap the baker and founder of Pink Cake Box definitely makes some incredible cakes, check out her site to see more.

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Our Wedding Plus

Rent a Fake Wedding Cake

Looking to save some money on your wedding? Well there’s a newly emerging trend…the fake wedding cake. Some extravagant real cakes can cost upwards of $1,000 so here’s your chance to cut that wedding bill.So how does this work? Fake cakes have a plastic foam center and are covered in gum paste and fondant. From the outside it looks just like a real cake and can be made as extravagant as you would like with a custom design or you can pick from a pre-made stock cake either way the cost is much less than a real cake.

How do you do the whole cut-the-cake thing? Typically, there will be a small section of the fake cake that is reserved for a real piece of cake or even some Twinkies stacked up and covered by the icing. Once the couple cut the cake, it is taken out of sight and a inexpensive sheet cake is served to the guests from the kitchen. No one has to be the wiser!

The cake shown above is from http://www.cakerental.com/. They were featured on the Today Show last week. Check out their site for details!

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Vanilla Bake Shop

There’s a new cupcake shop in town! If you are in the LA area and you are a cupcake nut like me then today is your lucky day! Vanilla Bake Shop is having its grand opening! You can find Vanilla Bake Shop at 512 Wilshire Blvd over in the 3rd Street Promenade area of Santa Monica.

Wedding Cupcakes
I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Vanilla Bake Shop, Amy and Jeremy Berman, at “A Soolip Wedding” bridal show in West Hollywood back in March. They had the most amazing wedding cupcake tower I’ve seen and were handing out a lot of great samples of their specialty “cupcake babies” or bite-size cupcakes. They were outstanding! Amy and Jeremy have been running their own dessert catering service for a while and offer much more than just cupcakes! In addition to cupcakes (they rotate their flavors daily) they offer stuffed cupcakes, cakes, and assorted confections made from scratch each morning including seasonal French macaroons and stylishly striped, torte-like brownies called “cosmopolitans.” Checkout their website for details.

Wedding Cupcakes
The best part of all is the fact that they have a cute shop that actually has seats and tables so you can sit, relax and enjoy then when you are done stuffing yourself you can walk up the road to the beach and walk it off! So, if you are looking for a great source for Wedding Cupcakes or a Wedding Cake checkout Vanilla Bake Shop!

Wedding Cupcakes

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Wedding Cake Trends

wedding cakeThanks to Weddingbee’s Weekly Roundup, I found yumsugar’s post on “Wedding Cake Trends for 2007” and thought you might be interested! yumsugar gives a great breakdown of the latest trends in wedding cakes and has some great wedding cake pictures as well!

This unique wedding cake is from Pink Cake Box, a New Jersey bakery. This wedding cake has two tiers of chocolate cake with raspberry filling and two tiers of white cake with chocolate filling.

Are you doing anything non-standard with your wedding cake?

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Check Out this Unique Wedding Cake!

Who says your cake has to be traditional. I’ve had several posts about personalizing your wedding and here’s one more.

As I understand it, this wedding cake was made for a couple of cartoon animators. Their wedding theme was “Cartoon Couples.” So they decided to make the cake look like it came out of a cartoon! It was a white/vanilla cake with chocolate ganache in the center, and also had some chocolate chips.

Pretty unique!

wedding cakewedding cakewedding cake
See you tomorrow with some bridal party gift ideas!

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Thanks to “Princess_of_llyr” for the photos!

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