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Unique Wedding Invitations!

Send Unique Wedding Invitations to Set the Stage!

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable and special; not only for themselves but also for their guests. So what can you do that’s different from the rest? In many cases the first impression your guests are going to get about your wedding will be when your unique wedding invitations shows up in their mailbox. As soon as they open your invitation they will start forming an image of your wedding in their mind. Is it going to be a typical wedding or is this going to be something that will set the standard? As you know, when a typical wedding invitation shows up in your mail box, the reaction is “oh yeah, we got (fill in the blank)’s wedding invitation in the mail today.” But when a unique wedding invitation shows up it will be something like, “you have got to see (fill in the blank)’s wedding invitation! I have never seen anything like it!” And, because it’s so unique, they will bring it to work the next day to show everyone the most unique wedding invitations they’ve seen!

What kind of wedding invitations will get such a reaction? We have found a few that we think are over the top but aren’t custom made so the prices are still affordable. But you can still be sure that when these show up in the mail it will be a topic of dinner conversation and best of all will get your guests excited about going to your wedding!

This first one is the Cabana Wedding Invitation from HansonEllis. This wedding invitation is ideal for a destination wedding to a tropical location. Each invitation comes in a bamboo wood gift box, with ivory cardstock, and a cabana leaf motif. These unique wedding invitations are fully customizable. You can include the invitation itself as well as other items like an RSVP card, menu card, and a map & directions. They also sell the mailing boxes to put the bamboo box in. Plus, these unique wedding invitations are completely eco-friendly! To find out more
Unique Message in a Bottle Wedding Invitations from HansonEllis.com
Unique Wedding Invitations

This next one is our old favorite, the Message in a Bottle Invitation. Again, this invitation is a great option for destination beach weddings and is from HansonEllis. These unique glass bottles are filled with sand and real mini seashells! The custom message is on natural oil paper with cedar leaves. You can add directions to your event, an RSVP card, and more in the bottle and then you use the provided cork to cork the bottle. Each bottle is decorated with a raffia ribbon. You also have the option of getting each bottle engraved with something like you and your fiancés name and the date of your wedding! Again, they also sell corrugated mailing boxes to mail these unique wedding  invitations to your guest. If you choose you can use these unique bottles as wedding favors or to send out your thank you cards. Unique Message in a Bottle Wedding Invitations from HansonEllis.com

Message in a Bottle Invitation

The Wedding Scroll Invitation Tube gives a little bit different look than the Message in a Bottle Invitation and is also great for destination beach weddings. HansonEllis, again, is the provider of these unique wedding invitations. As you can see they have some great options that will knock your guest’s socks off! Just click this link: Unique Message in a Bottle Wedding Invitations from HansonEllis.com  I recommend you go check them out to see what else they have. Anyway, these invitations come in a glass tube which comes with a cork. Again, like the Message in a Bottle Invitation, this invitation comes with sand and tiny sea shells. The paper invitation that goes in the tube is a top quality ivory linen paper scroll with a gold cord attached. The paper can have your custom message placed on it and then is rolled up like a scroll. They also have personalized labels that can be placed on the outside of the tube. Additionally, they have custom RSVP cards that can be attached. If you are interested in finding out more about this invitation just click the link above and search their site for “tube”.  It will be the only result.

Unique Wedding Invitations

If you think the last invitations were a little to “3-dimensional,” you will probably like these very unique, but can be mailed in an envelope, Passport wedding invitations from eInvite. These unique wedding invitations actually have the look and feel of a real passport, right down to the visa stamps and space for the Passport Bearer to sign their names. The cover is actually made using silver offset printing on a dark blue 90lb paper booklet cover. A really unique and creative part of this wedding invitation is the perforated tear-out response card and silver response envelope. Plus, to keep a consistent theme to the end, they also offer matching thank you cards that you can send after your wedding. If you are interested in finding out more about this invitation just click one of the images below.

Saika & Lars Passport Invitation

Passport Wedding Invitations

Finally, we will end with one more unique item but this one is a save the date. Many people send out save the dates at least a few months before the invitations go out so their guests can start planning and making arrangements. This is even more critical for destination weddings where your guests will have to plan and save for travel. These unique save the date magnets will definitely be a great precursor for and of the unique wedding invitations above. They will definitely know that you are planning an amazing event plus it will be a great decoration for their refrigerator that will serve as a constant reminder for your wedding.

This Save the Date Magnet Boat is made of real wood, has cloth sails, and genuine rope rigging. The hull is designed in a nautical wood finish, trimmed in bright white and sailor blue. Each sailboat comes with two magnets mounted on the back so the favor can be placed securely on any metal surface. You can have your names and wedding date inscribed on the front as a save the date. If you are interested in finding out more about this invitation click on the picture.

Save The Date Sailboat Magnet Favor

Of course if you are looking for some more unique wedding invitations, but also very top of the line from the most popular designers, you can check out our large supply in our wedding invitation shop.

The Pocket Square – A Small Piece of Fabric Can Make A Big Difference

Pocket SquareLooking for an easy way to get your groom and your groomsmen coordinated with your bridesmaid dresses? This can be as simple as using a pocket square! This small piece of fabric can have your groomsmen fully integrated in your wedding theme. Their pocket square will stand out against the color of the tuxedo and perfectly complimenting the bridesmaid’s dresses! The choice of styles and colors made in dressing your bridal party is something that will be remember and viewed in pictures for years to come.

The pocket square dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, with it gaining popularity in the 1920’s. At first pocket squares were actually linen handkerchiefs. The practice of putting then in the breast pocket came as a result of men not wanting them to become dirty by coins and other objects in the pant pocket. Hence a style was born. These pocket squares can also be used as a method of saving money in these hard economic times. Instead of using fresh flowers for a boutonniere a pocket square can add the right complement of color you need. Some men actually prefer a pocket square instead of a boutonniere. It can also be matched with a neck tie, bow tie or even a cravat. When using a pocket square it allows you to get creative as it can be folded into different designs. A good example of this is to complement the bridesmaid dresses neckline using an asymmetrical design. Some examples of pocket square folds include the puff fold, Astaire, the flat fold, the two corners up fold, and the straight shell. The technique applied to the pocket fold all depends on the overall look you are trying to accomplish.

Pocket squares come in a variety of materials such as linen, twill, cotton and pique, but silk pocket squares are the most popular. Silk pocket squares are used mostly when one is looking for a bright display of color. Click here to find a wide variety of pocket squares in our own wedding shop! Including the one shown above.

Bridal Flip Flops – Don’t Let Your Beach Wedding Be a Flop!

bridal flip flops

Bridal Flip Flops with a touch of class

Bridal flip flops are the latest trend for beach weddings. Beach weddings are some of the most romantic wedding ceremonies, although they tend to be more on the informal side. The beautiful sunshine, the crash of the waves, the sensual smell of the ocean and not to mention the beautiful backdrop it provides for your wedding tops it all off. This is the dream wedding for many people because of the more relaxed intimate setting.

If you are looking for a unique way to keep your beach wedding informal but also tie in your wedding colors and theme, the best shoes for the job are the bridal flip flops! Not only are they functional in the sand they also make great gifts for the bridesmaids. If you are feeling really generous and they are in your budget, you can also make them your wedding favors. They are actually a versatile and affordable addition to any seaside wedding ensemble. Do yourself, the bridesmaids and your guests a favor, allow them to be able to be relaxed and enjoy the feel of sand smoothly caressing their feet while running around without having to worry about ruining their pricey pair of shoes.

bridal flip flops toteThe bridal flip flops shown above are from the Dessy Group. They offer various attractive designs and colors. They are not only comfortable but come in a variety of colors, 50 to be exact. They come in coordinating colors with whatever color scheme you are working with. They have a rubber sole for comfort and a bamboo insole to add that touch of island charm. Each slipper comes in a matching chiffon drawstring bag, how’s that for portability and presentation? You can even take advantage of the current special offer, where you buy 2 dozen bridal flip flops and receive a Moroccan reed beach tote absolutely free. It wouldn’t be right to present these flip flops at your wedding any other way than to have your guest pick their pair from this stylish beach tote!

How to Send Huge Files without Clogging Email

Ever have issues trying to send huge files as an email attachment? You are not alone! The only other thing that can be as frustrating is receiving a gigantic 20MB file in you inbox! I figured this would definitely be applicable to you photographers and videographers out there as well as everyone else who wants to send pictures and video to friends and family. One minute of video on your iPhone can take up 70-80 MB so it’s not hard to overwhelm the standard email limits on the most popular email services.

  • Gmail – 25MB
  • AOL Mail – 25MB
  • Yahoo – 25MB
  • Windows Live Hotmail – 10MB

How to Send Huge FilesHere’s a free way that I have personally used several times to bypass these problems. It’s an online service called File Relay. It acts similar to a dropbox where the file you want to send is uploaded to a server and the people you want to have it only get a link sent to them via email. When they click on the link the file is downloaded to their computer. This saves your and everyone else’s email from getting bogged down if you send huge files. The other nice feature is you are able to see if your recipient actually downloaded the file. I think you will find that it is very simple to use, your recipients don’t need to have an account to use it and it’s totally free!

Here’s how it works:

Before you can use the service you have to set up an account, which only takes a few seconds (only the sender of the file needs to do this, recipients don’t need an account).

  1. You browse for the file on your hard drive
  2. Set a date for the file to expire (after this date it is no longer available to the recipient)
  3. Type in the emails of the people you want to access the file
  4. Include a message to them if you want.

How to Send Huge Files

When you click “Send Email” the file is securely uploaded to the File Relay server and an email with the link to the file is sent to each of the recipients with a unique code for each person so you can see who actually downloads the file.
You also have the option to send a package of multiple files and you can always delete the files off of the File Relay server any time if you sent the wrong file or if the contents of the file are outdated.

It’s a pretty good application and it’s free! Here’s links to File Relay and the File Relay Facebook Page. Let us know what you think!

Wedding Cake Pops: Say Hello to my Little Friend

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to have had a cake pop, brace yourself, I am about to enlighten you on a scrumptious, golf ball size, chunk of heaven, on a stick!

Wedding Cake Pops

(photo credit:  all photos from cjmartin on flickr of Sweet Lauren Cakes cake pops!)

Granted I love cake, pretty much in any form, but these little pops are in a class all their own. It is cake mixed with frosting and then, get this, dipped in chocolate, all three of my favorite things rolled into one little “power ball.”  So what can you do with these delicious, little, magnificent creations, well for you brides too be, the options are endless. It just so happens that there is a Cake Pop expert who can help with recipes, inspiration and so much more and she calls herself Bakarella. Maybe you have heard of her before and if you haven’t I’m sure you will in the future.  Check out her book called Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats

And if you are searching for a DIY project perhaps for wedding favors or for the bridal shower I think the cake pop is a terrific candidate for such an undertaking. There is a great blog post from Roxy of Roxy Cakes which provides full instructions on how to make cake pops. And even if you are not looking for a DIY project go ahead and visit Roxy’s site her creations are absolutely beautiful, another great place for inspiration and expert advice.

Wax Seals for your Wedding Invitations

Wax Seals for Wedding Invitations

Wax Seals date back thousands of years as a way of authenticating documents and ensuring they weren’t open and read by an unintended recipient. I found some interesting info on SealMaker.com about how Signet Rings were used to make the impression in wax and how people let friends and family know it was genuine.

After a seal was cut into a ring, the seal engraver made many wax impressions which were given to the owner of the seal along with the signet ring. The owner then distributed the waxes among family, friends and officials, so that when an important document was sent the recipient could check the unbroken seal against the wax impression to ensure that the document was genuine. After the death of the owner of the seal, the signet ring used to produce the seal was cracked to prevent further use.

Want to add a touch of old world class to your wedding invitations? This would be great if you are having a traditional wedding. You don’t have to get a Signet Ring made anymore. I found out about OldSchoolSeals.com in a recent issue of InStyle Weddings! They have the option of purchasing Initial Wax Seals along with sticks of wax to use. Or, if you want the easy way out they even have Peal and Stick Initial Wax Seals as shown in the picture above.

The Wedding Donut?

Wedding Donuts

As usual, I am always on the lookout for new wedding ideas and I found one that I’m bursting to share with all you busy planners out there! These amazing ladies call themselves the Donut Divas and I love what they do! The divas travel to your event with everything needed to make fresh, hot, mini donuts on the spot. And if you have been searching for unique ways to make your wedding memorable, I think this post will provide inspiration.

Wedding Donuts

Picture this, your guests have been dancing all evening working up their appetites and all of sudden they begin to sense this amazing aroma of fresh sizzling buttermilk dough wafting through the air. They follow their noses over to a beautifully decorated table to find a mini donut machine creating freshly cooked donuts (1200 an hour to be exact) right before their eyes. The donut divas will then drizzle the topping of their choice on the donuts and package them up in some adorable pink box or bag and off they go thinking, “WOW! That was unexpected surprise, I’m impressed.”

Here’s their appearance on the South Florida Today Show to give you a good idea of how they operate.

Oh, I must mention Donut Divas don’t just do donuts, below is the “Fudge Puppy,” a Belgian Waffle on a stick covered in chocolate and whipped cream! 

Wedding Donuts

If you are lucky enough to live in south Florida check these ladies out.

And to the Divas, BRAVO for coming up with a “fresh” new spin on the donut


Personalized Wedding M&M’s On Sale!

Personalized Wedding M& M’s
Looking for some unique wedding favors? Something that is definitely personal and can’t be found anywhere else? How about some M&M’s with pictures of the bride and groom on them? You can even add your own message and pick the colors!

I’ve told you about these personalized M&M’s before in other posts, but since we are affiliates with My M&M’s, they just sent me word that from January 15th 2010 through February 15th 2010, they are running a Valentine’s Day Sale where you get 14% off your order.

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Personalized Wedding M&M’s On Sale Again!

Personalized Wedding M& M’s Those personalized wedding M&M’s are sure popular!  Personalized Wedding M&M’s are a very unique way to personalize your wedding and they make great Wedding Favors. To find out more about these unique wedding M&M’s and how you can use them as wedding favors, check out my recent post Personalized Wedding M&M’s.

The good news is My M&M’s is having a sale on Personalized Wedding M&M’s.  But you have to act quick!  The sale ends December 12th 2009! See the links below. Just click on them to take advantage of this sale!

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Personalized Wedding M&M’s – On Sale!

Personalized Wedding M&Ms - my mms promo code

Save 10% on personalized m&ms – my mms promo code!

Everyone is looking for a way to make their wedding unique and personal. Well the M&M’s folks are going above and beyond to help you out with personalized m&ms.  With this my mms promo code you can now Save 10% on all orders at My M&Ms! Use code OFFERS10. You may have seen the personalized wedding M&M’s with the bride and grooms names and wedding date on them; but, their pictures? You can have two different picture / word combos in your order. Not only that, there are 25 colors to choose from so you should be able to get close to your wedding colors. You also have the option to get a blend of colors.

Personalized Wedding M&Ms Favors - my mms promo codeSo how do you present these things to the guest? They have several packaging options that are perfect for unique wedding favors including the option shown here. Or you can just have some nice crystal bowls or jars set up at your wedding candy bar. Check out this example of a wedding candy bar!

If you a looking for some unique wedding favor containers you can find them our the Our Wedding Plus wedding shop too.

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Wedding Day Candies Create MY M&M’S® Candies With Your Own Personal Words & Photos!

Have fun!