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Wedding Music: Band or DJ or

Wedding Music Wayne Forest Entertainment

Orchestra or Choir or full blown entertainment experience?  

Usually the question you ask yourself when planning your wedding is should I have a DJ or a band?  Imagine being able to go to one place and get the option to have all the entertainment you could imagine, custom designed to fit your wedding?  If you want a 50 person choir to sing at your church or a 35 piece orchestra to play at your reception, plus a solo musician to play during the cocktail hour, plus professional dancers to entertain the crowd.   No problem, except of course if you are on a limited budget.  A company called Wayne Fosert Entertainment can handle the job.  Michelle Pfeiffer used them for her wedding and Billy Blanks also used them.

While walking through the exhibitor booth area at “An Exquisite Event” bridal show this past weekend, I came across the Wayne Foster Entertainment booth and my first thought was they were simply a band or a DJ until I started asking questions.   April Dee Dee Daley, Senior Entertainment Coordinator, showed me some videos of their work and I was amazed at the size and quality of the productions they put on.  She said the night before they had five shows going across the LA area one of which was a 35 piece orchestra. 

 So if you were wondering how the big corporations and the rich and famous get their entertainment for their events, this is how.  But April also said they can just do a band or a DJ, they will work with you to fill your entertainment needs.

See you tomorrow!


The Wedding Music Alternative

Okay, I know I’m getting old! While writing tuesday’s post about Super 8 movies I came to the realization that the average bride and groom doesn’t remember when Super 8 was the only way to make home movies. Today I’m reminded that the average bride and groom probably never had to use vinyl records! Now that .mp3s are commonplace I predict CD’s will soon be forgotten! Making custom play lists with iTunes has become so easy that the iPod is starting to replace DJ!

From a green wedding standpoint, it’s nice to see the move away from using plastic and vinyl to an all digital version.

More and more couples are turning to their iPod to handle the DJ role at their wedding, allowing them to save around $1,000 in the process. A lot of couples have spent a lot of time building their .mp3 music collection; they know the music they like. So why not cut out the middle man and just hook up their iPod to a sound system and let it play?

Just a few suggestions if you decide to go this route…

Remember the music is not only for you, include songs that will have a wide appeal in addition to your personal favorites.

Ask a friend to help out in the Master of Ceremony role..they don’t necessarily have to do a lot of talking like a DJ would but maybe just make introductions, announcements, etc to keep the evening moving.
Keep in mind, you might have to rent a sound system to plug your iPod into if your venue doesn’t have one available.

But, I wouldn’t count the DJ out, if you want well-timed music and that extra boost to ensure the crowd stays involved you may still need a DJ.

Share your wedding music experiences! Have you been to an iPod wedding?

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