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How to have the Coolest Wedding in Town!

Are you the “hottest” bride and groom in town? Do you “burn” with excitement at the thought of your wedding? Are you worried your wedding reception is going to be so “hot,” as Paris Hilton would say, that you are going to “burn down the house?”

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in need of an ice sculpture.

Many of you, like me, might think of an ice sculpture as just something that would sit on a buffet table. But there are lots of unique options to think about. Check out these unique ice sculptures from Ice Creations, they are located in the UK but there are many options for those of us in the US, just google Ice Sculptures.

You can have them as center pieces…

Or you can have an entire ice bar…

Or another option is the “luge” where alcohol is poured in through the top of the ice sculpture, passes through the ice via a specially drilled hole and is caught in a glass or mouth at the end of it’s journey.… these come in a variety of forms, I kept them family friendly but there are other interesting options at Ice Creations.

Aren’t they “cool?”

See you tomorrow have a nIce evening!

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