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World’s Best Honeymoon Locations

Looking for a great honeymoon location? The August / September issue of Modern Bride has their 11th Annual World’s Best Honeymoon Survey. They took a survey of 6,000 luxury travel agents. They ranked their overall favorite honeymoon destination, the hotels and resorts with the most luxurious amenities, as well as the destinations that offer the best in categories such as romance, seclusion, affordability, adventure, nightlife, food, and culture.So here are this year’s Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations direct from the Modern Bride press release!

1. Italy (3rd in ‘06) – the number one honeymoon destination for the first year ever, with vibrant cities, tantalizing cuisine, and a culture that has embraced true love for centuries

2. Hawaii – a top destination for eleven years with its luxurious resorts and sprawling beaches

3. Tahiti – for lovers looking to savor the sights, scents and flavors of a French Polynesian treasure

4. Costa Rica (26th in ‘04) – exotic rainforests, erupting volcanoes, and wildlife reserves promise an adventure lover’s paradise

5. Mexico – for a blend of rich culture, endless fiestas, and thousands of miles of white sand beaches

6. France (9th in ‘06) – for exquisite works of art and architecture, decadent desserts, and an amazing countryside

7. Maldives – over 1,000 secluded isles offer out of this world sailing, diving, and swimming in crystal blue waters

8. Anguilla (34th in ‘03) – where the beauty of the Caribbean meets with posh resorts and eclectic cuisine

9. Fiji – a South Pacific oasis of limestone caves, Asian inspired cuisine, and pristine coral gardens

10. Greece – a convergence of sumptuous food, enchanting island hopping, black sand, and emerald seas

Anyone going to one of the top-10?

Looking for seclusion?
Most secluded: Maldives, Seychelles, Tahiti

Looking for a romantic location?
Most romantic: Tahiti, Italy, Hawaii

There’s about 20 more rankings by category in the magazine. So if you are still undecided on where you’re going for your honeymoon, check out Modern Bride!

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Dare to be Different – Unique Honeymoon Ideas

Gaiam.com, Inc

The many months of planning and stress are behind you and it’s time for your first adventure as man and wife! The honeymoon is typically one of the most anticipated vacations, and for many, one of the most extravagant and expensive trips of their lives.

So, why not make your honeymoon unique? Why should you follow the rest of the lemmings going to standard resorts in Hawaii, the Caribbean or on a cruise. As you know, I try to squeeze in a way to make your wedding a little more eco-friendly. Well, you can do this and also have the most memorable and unique honeymoon on the block. Here are some ideas…

See the pyramids of Egypt, go on an African safari, or have an overnight camel trek in Morocco. These are just a few examples things you can do on an eco-friendly honeymoon. You may be wondering what makes these trips eco-friendly? According to the International Ecotourism Society, ecotourism is the responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well being of local people. When you plan these trips through organizations that specialize in ecotourism you can be guaranteed that your trip will minimize impact on the environment and local people. A few good options to help plan your trip are Green Weddings and Events, Organic Weddings, and Responsible Travel (for people in the UK).

Sound too far from home? REI Adventures has numerous eco-friendly options that allow you to experience the natural beauty of North America and the Caribbean including hiking in the Canadian Rockies, cycling the Blue Ridge Parkway, or hike, bike and snorkel in Trinidad and Tobago. REI even goes the extra mile by offsetting 100% of the climate-altering carbon emissions generated by all aspects of your trip by donating to support solar, wind and other renewable energy projects.

So dare to be different and have the experience of a lifetime, while knowing you are helping keep the environment safe for your future children!

Check back tomorrow for more unique wedding ideas!

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I’d like to thank Webby37 for the African Safari picture at the top of this post and Tallmonkee for the picture of Tobago at the bottom of this post.