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Want Free Wedding Photos?

Green Wedding Photography

If you are having a “green wedding”  then here’s your chance.  Last year Thryn had a totally amazing green wedding and she let us all follow along on her blog called wedlog.  She went through every detail throughout the planning process and made sure every aspect of her wedding was as eco-friendly as possible.

 Now she wants to help you have a green wedding along with her wedding photographer, CVI Photography.  Here’s what you can win:  a free wedding photography package plus a handmade guest book/photo album!

So, if you want to find out the details go check out Thryn’s blog!

Don’t Miss the Event of the Year!

A Soolip WeddingDo you live in southern California? Do you want to plan an elegant wedding? Then don’t miss “A Soolip Wedding!”  “A Soolip Wedding” is being held on March 30 2008 at Vibiana in downtown LA this year. Soolip is an amazing stationary store located in West Hollywood. It is the place to go for the Hollywood elite. In fact Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise got their wedding invitations there. Wanda Wen the owner of Soolip is the host for the “A Soolip Wedding” show.

I attended A Soolip Wedding last year and thought it was a first class event!  The highlights were the Green Wedding event , the Conversation with the Experts sessions, and the Monique Lhuillier fashion show in addition to all the great vendor exhibits. The Green Wedding is a collection of green wedding vendors and resources to help you plan a green wedding. If you want to have a green wedding and you want it to be elegant, you can definitely get some ideas here. I  also thought the Conversation with the Experts was incredible. Among several interesting expert talks, they had the editor of LA Weddings Magazines giving wedding planning tips and Celebrity Wedding Planner Jo Gartin author of Jo Gartin’s Weddings: An Inspiring Guide for the Stylish Bride giving tips on how to give your wedding a personal touch.  I can’t wait to see who’s on the agenda this year!

So, if you are lucky enough to be in the local LA area on March 30’th try to fit it into your schedule. But, if you can’t make it, don’t worry! I’m going to provide detailed coverage of the event. I’ll provide summaries of the best Converstations with the Experts, The Green Wedding, and the Fashion Show. If you want to see last year’s coverage, just type “Soolip” in the search box at the top right side of the page.

If you want to go this year you can get tickets at the A Soolip Wedding website.

Hope to see you there!


Want Free Wedding Rings and to Protect the Environment?

Eco-friendly Green Wedding Rings

With gold over $900 per ounce, wedding rings can be pretty expensive!  Here’s a wedding ring idea that will not only save you money it also saves the environment!


It’s been a while since I wrote a green wedding post so I was glad I came across this info to pass on.  I wrote a post a while ago about how much gold mining can impact the environment and some unique wedding rings that had minimal impact on the environment.  I recommend you check it out.  Now here’s some info on another great option!

Ecological jeweler GreenKarat.com has a jewelry recycling and registry program that allows you to turn in old unused gold jewelry and they also allow other people to turn in old unused gold jewelry in your name that can be credited to you!  The old jewelry can then melted and made into your rings or you can get a credit based on the weight for new rings.


This not only can get you free wedding rings they can also have extra meaning made up of old jewelry your family donates for you.

If you choose to go the “gift registry” route you can get you own registry page with instructions for your friends and family to donate.  Here’s an example registry page.


For more information go to GreenKarat.com.


See you tomorrow with the Top 5 Wedding Blog Posts of the Week!


Don’t Miss IT!


Thanks Amchu for the picture!

Top-5 Green Wedding Posts from Our Wedding Plus!

Green WeddingToday is Blog Action Day, the day that thousands of bloggers are posting about how to help out the environment.

Well, you probably figured out that I like top-5 lists, so here are my favorite green wedding posts.  And, not only that they are my own creations so enjoy!

1.        Why not start off a top-5 list with another top-5 list?  Here’s my guest post on Weddingbee!  Checkout “My Five Favorite Green Wedding Ideas.”

2.       Here’s one I wrote about the impact mining can have on the environment.  Something to think about when buying those rings!  Checkout “Secrets the Jewelry Industry Don’t Want You to Know

3.       Here’s one that was actually done by a guest blogger on Our Wedding Plus.  Checkout this great article by Nelle Johnston, a Green Wedding Planner and owner of Zahzoom Weddings and Parties!  Click here:  You Mean the Dress is Green?”

4.       Tired of the same old honeymoon options?  Here are some ideas to do something different and also spare the environment!  Checkout “Dare to be Different: Unique Honeymoon Ideas

5.       And finally, here’s a variety of green wedding ideas from choosing a photographer to having a spa day.  These I picked up at a great bridal show called “A Soolip Wedding.”  Checkout “Having a Green Wedding Can Be Luxurious and Elegant.

There’s lots of ways to give the environment a break when planning your wedding and they don’t have to prevent you from having an elegant day.  In fact in many cases your guests don’t even have to know.  But, it would be nice if they did!  It might inspire them to make changes in their life. 

Have a great green day!

I’ve Been Tagged for the Green Challenge!

I’ve been tagged by Erin at Lucky Designs to participate in the Green Challenge!  The idea is to pass on three ideas about how I try to minimize my impact on the environment then tag 5 more bloggers to carry it on!  Well here they are!

1.     Around the house:  We recycle, use energy efficient light-bulbs, and whenever possible we buy organic foods. 

2.    We also started using eco-chic reusable shopping bags.  Check them out at www.gaiam.com. 

3.    Finally, I try to multiply my efforts by blogging about green wedding ideas.  Checkout my Green Wedding posts!

Now to pass this on to some other great bloggers…

Masterpiece Weddings

Jasmine Star 

Earth Friendly Weddings


Brooklyn Bride

Conflict Free Diamonds

I read an article on weddingbee about Conflict Free Diamonds which reminded me a post I wrote a while back, Secrets The Jewelry Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know.  I think this is a very important topic that not many people think about.  If you are looking for a easy way to add some eco-friendly aspects to your wedding without out taking away from the elegance of your event checkout these sources for engagement and wedding rings!

Brilliant Earth
Sumiche Jewelry
Touch Wood Rings

Have a great weekend!


Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors


Here’s a pretty cool green wedding favor idea.  As your marriage grows over the years so will these trees in the yards of your friends and family.  I think it would by pretty neat to be able to show your kids these trees when you go to see family.  Not to mention you are doing something good for the environment too! 

I found these on Plantamemory.com.  You by them by the bunch (20 seedlings).  I also like the idea of putting them in a champagne glass.  Wouldn’t they look nice for a winter themed wedding?

Don’t Recycle – Bury it and Grow Flowers! Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

I found a new site for those of us who want our weddings to be eco-friendly! Green Field Paper Company has handmade paper wedding invitations that have seeds embedded wedding invitation paper. The paper will grow wildflowers if kept moist! They also offer wedding invitations made from junk mail as well as tree-free wedding invitations including hemp.

Here’s an example of their Fern Wedding Invitation with Monogram as seen in InStyle weddings Winter 2006 edition. It is made with seed embedded paper and is a very elegant wedding invitation.

eco-friendly wedding invitations
They also have a unique all-in-one wedding invitation and reply card as shown here. This wedding invitation is also on seed embedded paper. It has a perforation for your guests to tear off the response card with your return address is already printed on the back.

eco-friendly wedding invitations
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See you tomorrow with more unique ideas!

Our Wedding Plus

You Mean the Dress is Green?

Well, sure, a green hued dress is lovely if that’s your style, but according to modern vernacular, a ‘green’ wedding dress would more likely be made of organic hemp silk than Astroturf colored satin.

A green wedding reflects the marrying couple’s commitment to sustainability and ecological issues. It’s about making a difference, and perhaps an impression. As Michelle Kozin, founder of Organicweddings.com, puts it, “You have a captive audience you can influence with your choices.”

The wedding industry can be a killer in terms of waste and blind consumption. Roughly 2.4 million couples get married every year in the U.S., and the average wedding cost is up to $28,000.00. Next to a mortgage or an education fund, that’s chump change: but we’re talking about a day. It costs well under $100 to get a marriage license, no matter what state you live in, and, $75 to $300 to hire an official to perform the ceremony, depending. So that’s $27,700 on fanfare and celebration! Now it’s your choice weather to go for the disposable votives, imported Japanese orchid blooms and corn fed beef, or to look into alternative options. <!–[endif]–>

Did you say, “Like what?” Well, here goes…

The Menu:

A large percentage of the wedding budget is spent on catering, so why not consider local, organic food and wine? If you’re beer drinkers, how about some organic brews? If you eat meat, seek out wild fish and grass fed beef.

Why organic food? Organics are not only healthier for the consumer, they are also better for the environment. Organic farming practices protect waterways, soil, and wildlife by not using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Using local food sources means less fossil fuel spent on shipping and fewer post-harvest pesticides.

The Paper:Save-the-dates, invitations, envelopes, reply cards, reply envelopes, direction cards, next day brunch invitations, lists, contracts, notes, programs, escort cards, name place cards, well wishes for the bride and groom, wrapping paper, thank you cards: When all is said and done, a wedding from start to finish, can draw on a lot of paper…

As diagramed by the U.S. EPA in 2000, close to 40 percent of the waste material in U.S. landfills is paper. So, to do right by our natural resources, get creative about limiting your paper use, such as including hotel block and transportation information on your wedding website to limit insert cards in your invitation set, doing away with programs or having non-paper escort “cards”. When you do buy paper, support the economy of recycling by looking for unbleached, 30-100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) papers.The Venue:

It is possible to find green hotels, http://www.greenhotels.com/, and there is always the great outdoors, if you are dedicated to a “leave no trace” philosophy. However, also consider finding a museum, park, center or other nonprofit organization that is dedicated to like-minded causes.

The environmental costs of travel are also high (emissions, jet fuel, etc.), so consider choosing your location on the basis of where the majority of your guests live and perhaps have your ceremony and reception at the same venue.

If your guests do need to drive, you could help to encourage carpools.

The Flowers:

Flowers are wedding staples, highly regarded as accents of natural beauty… but all that looks natural, may not be. Look a little more closely at its path to existence and you will notice that many flowers are imported (Ecuadorian Roses, etc.). Not only does the distance they have to travel increase their carbon footprint, but many foreign pesticides are unregulated, and because flowers are not a food crop, they go unchecked for residues.

To support safer, greener practices you can buy local, preferably local, organic flowers. Local flowers will be marked local, or you can ask your florist for help with this. Check out your local farmers’ market to what’s in season.

As cut flower alternatives, grow your own centerpieces from bulb or seed! And/or, incorporate tasteful silk flowers, http://www.flowersforrent.com/.The Apparel:

Did you know that polyester is petroleum-based? And according to The Organic Exchange, http://www.organicexchange.org/, the USDA indicates that approximately 6 pounds of pesticides are used per acre in the growing “natural” cotton! Un-dyed, unbleached, certified organic cotton or hemp-silk is the most environmentally sound way to go for a custom dress. However, consider recycling a vintage dress, which you can have tailored to your every curve! (And, if you must dye you shoes, see if you can have them tinted with natural vegetable dye.)

The Rings:Gold mining releases poisonous cyanide and mercury into the environment, and the diamond market is a controversial one.

You could avoid all of that by having vintage gold rings resized, or create custom jewelry at greenKarat, ecologically responsible jewelry: http://greenkarat.com/.

The Favors & Gifts:Doodads and knickknacks with your name on them may seem to be the required wedding souvenir, and if you don’t register, you may receive some of these as gifts (the ever popular ill-fitting bathrobe and slipper sets emblazoned with, “Just Married”…See my article, Create a Sustainable Registry).

When it comes to favors, consider these ideas:

Make a meaningful donation in your guests’ honor. Peruse Charity Navigator, http://www.charitynavigator.org/, for information and ideas.

Local organic foodstuffs are often apt favors: organic artisan chocolates or local honey. See what’s available at the farmer’s market!

Give from the heart: a combined family recipe book, a CD of your wedding music, a seedling for yard or garden…


Overall, recycle and use recycled or reusable items where you can and reduce waste by donating or gifting leftovers. Keep the big picture in mind and know that our actions are cumulative- and you, too, can have a green wedding!

Considering an eco-friendly honeymoon? Read my tips on green honeymoons or destinations weddings: ZahZoom.blogspot.com

Secrets the Jewelry Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Gaiam.com, Inc

Wedding RingYou may think, it’s just a ring, it’s small, what’s the big deal? How much can it hurt the environment? Well, large scale mechanized mining used to obtain the gold for that ring causes mass destruction to the land and poisons the surrounding environment. In many cases mercury and cyanide are used to extract the gold from the rock. The miners in destitute areas have no choice but to work in these mines and they come into contact with these lethal chemicals causing serious health problems.

If the consumer demands its gold to be from ecologically and socially friendly sources we may see a stop to this environmental damage and human suffering through ethical mining or better yet the use of recycled gold.

I’m going to pass on more eco-friendly wedding, or green wedding ideas today. So far I’ve written several green wedding posts, I’ll put the links at the bottom of this post so you can find them easily.

Today, I’m going to show you some alternatives to your standard wedding ring. These are unique wedding rings, not only in their appearance but because they were produced in an ecologically and socially responsible way. Do you want your wedding ring to be a product of the environmental destruction shown above? If not read on…

The wedding rings shown here are from greenKarat a retailer and proponent of ecologically and socially friendly gold jewelry. They are just one example of a “green” jeweler. They provide information about each of their products explaining why if is eco-friendly, you can even track the “ecological footprint” of their product through “Green Assay.” Here are some unique examples from greenKarat.

Do you have a pebble that means something to you? Maybe it’s from a camping trip you went on with your fiancé, or you found it at the place you met. You provide the pebble and they will cut it and put it into the ring…

Wedding Ring
For the computer lover, you can have a personalized message written in binary code put on your ring…

Wedding Ring
Science lovers? These rings have a depiction of amino acid chains that actually have an encrypted message…

Wedding Ring
greenKarat is just one option here are more:

Brilliant Earth
Sumiche Jewelry
Touch Wood Rings

Hope you have a green day!

See you tomorrow,

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