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Calming Wedding Stress the Natural Way

Today I’m honored to have a special guest blogger Randi Ragan, the owner of Green Bliss Eco Spa, ranked in the top ten Holistic Spas in Los Angeles by http://www.wholelifetimes.com/. Randi is a former Hollywood screenwriter and has spent over 10 years in the wellness industry as a yoga and meditation teacher, lecturer, spiritual retreat leader, and creator of customized healing ceremonies and rituals. You will see more from Randi here at Our Wedding Plus. She will be guest blogging on natural health, wedding stress reduction, and fitness. If your in the LA area check out Green Bliss Eco Spa, she can even bring a spa party to you with LA’s only eco-luxury moble spa! If you have a question for Randi, contact her throught the “Ask the Experts” link on the right column.

Not a person living hasn’t experienced some sort of stress reaction to a big, important event
in their life, even if it is a joyous, happy occasion, such as a wedding. It’s ironic, then,
that the preparation for a celebration can cause such adverse health effects sometimes.

As any health expert will tell you, prevention is 90% of the cure. That’s certainly true here, with pre-wedding and wedding day stress: accept that this is a period in your life when extraordinary things are underfoot. Make getting enough sleep and the drinking of plenty of water, a daily habit, like brushing your teeth. Take your vitamins regularly, get therapeutic massage and body work as often as you can afford it, and try to develop a regular work out routine – maybe even sampling a yoga or meditation class if you’ve never tried one, or up your attendance if you are already attending; and above all, remember to breathe.

Our breath to our mental state of mind, is like the canary in the coal mine is to the miners: it serves as an early warning system of what will follow in our bodies. Training yourself to take deep, long, fluid breaths as a habit of existing, will completely change how you deal with stress. At first, try just taking 5 minutes in the morning and 5 in the evening to practice conscious breathing. Try inhaling for 10 counts, holding your inhale for 5 counts, slowly exhaling for 10 counts, and holding the exhale for 5 counts.

I also would encourage using breath work as a part of the massage and bodywork experience. It’s obvious to most of us that therapeutic massage is great for dealing with stress. But what most people don’t know is that by working with your breath while the therapist is manipulating certain areas of the body, the muscle tension and stress will sometimes release more effectively. All Green Bliss Eco Spa therapists are trained to work intimately with the breath during bodywork sessions.

The more you can learn to breathe consciously, the more your heart rate stays steady, the more your internal chemical balances stay regulated, and the more oxygen your brain will receive. All of these physiological markers will then determine how your brain processes stress: your breath is a weapon against letting the mind spiral you into worry, agitation, and anxiety. Your decision-making will come from a place of clarity and confidence, your ability to communicate to those around you, more precisely, and your ability to become a more astute and flexible problem solver will increase. In short, you will become the calm, cool, and collected bride of your fantasies.

The goal is to live in the moment with all of the experiences coming your way as your count down the days to your big day. The journey toward the destination can be just as sweet and rich as the final result if you let it. Every day is a miracle; the miracle of having found the love of your life starts with breathing in that love, and then breathing it out to all those around you.

By Randi Ragan
Founder and Owner of Green Bliss Eco Spa
LA’s only eco-luxury mobile spa and spa party service
Named a “Top 10 Holistic Spa for 2006”

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