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5 Table Name Ideas I Found on Weddingbee

Table numbers are so 20th Century! Okay folks it appears there are no limits on how you can name your tables. Here are five ideas I found on Weddingbee that run the spectrum from sophisticated to geeky or stick to the theme or want to be more personal.

1. Back in 2008, “Miss Green Tea” named her tables after Chinese Teas in line with her wedding theme in spite of her ministers thoughts of being more personal, like using names of places they visited. 

Wedding Table Name Ideas

2. In 2007, “Miss Hummingbird” named her tables after video games. She admits to being a geek and apparently this was in the theme of her wedding.

Wedding Table Name Ideas

3. In 2009, “Miss Cowboy Boot” used different horse pictures as the way to distiguish her tables for her horse themed wedding.

Wedding Table Name Ideas

4. In 2007, “Mrs Hibiscus” used pictures of places they visited as table names. To keep it in their theme they made them in the color of their wedding theme.

Wedding Table Name Ideas

5. In 2007, “Mrs Apple” had a unique idea of using “Great Pairs” Lucy & Desi
Laverne & Shirley
Luke & Leia
Mario & Luigi
Tom and Jerry for the kids table.
Meat & Potatoes

Free Party Planning Guide!

Free Party Planning Guide

Wedding Planning is a very social activity.  You will be spending a lot of time with your friends, family, and extended relatives that you haven’t seen in a while.  So there are a lot of opportunities to have get togethers!  Well, unless you’re Martha Stewart, you could probably use some help organizing these get togethers.  So here’s something I found…

Pampered Chef and celebrity party planner Debi Lilly got together and put together a beautiful and very practical Party Planning Guide.  Debi starts off by giving some general entertainment advice and then provides pretty close to a step-by-step guide on how to throw various types of parties such as:

  • Brunch
  • Buffet
  • Alfresco
  • Sit-Down-Dinner 

Finally, there’s a great party planning checklist that will walk you through the process.  The best part:  It’s Free!

Check out here!

Thanks TimmyGunz for the picture!

Place Settings Galore!

Trying to figure out how to make your place settings look great?  Well, here’s a bunch of examples to get those creative juices flowing.  These photos all came from Artfool.  Want more info?  Checkout Replacements, Ltd.  they have diagrams of proper table setting layout and checkout their Knowledge Base for more information than you’ll know what to do with!

Have fun!


Place Settings
Place Settings
Place Settings
Place Settings
Place Settings
Place Settings

The Amazing Transformational Powers of the Paper Lantern

How can something so delicate be so powerful?
The paper lantern is being seen more and more as a way to transform the mood of an event. Here’s a photo from Darci on the With This Ring Blog. You can see what a drab (“Shed-Like” as Darci describes it) appearance this tent has in its natural state.

Plain Wedding Tent

Now checkout some venues with paper lanterns!


Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

Gaiam.com, Inc

The Impact of Chairs on your Event

The first things you think about when designing your event might be the flowers, the centerpieces, the table coverings, or the lighting.  But, believe it or not a major impact on the feel and mood of your event will be from the chairs.   That’s right, the chairs.  The chairs you choose need to fit or even add to the theme of the rest of your event. 

Here’s some dramatic demonstrations of the impact of having the right chair!

Event Chairs

 And, don’t forget your ceremony!

Wedding Ceremony Chairs

Finally, here’s a small sampling of chairs to help inspire you when designing your event. Whether it’s a metal back or a cloth backed chair, make sure you it ties together with the rest of your theme.

wedding chairs

All the chairs in this post are from Chameleon Chair. As their name implies, their sole focus is getting you the right chair for your event. They were chosen to handle such events as the Academy Awards Governors Ball, the Emmy’s Governers Ball, and the CSI 100th Episode Celebration. So if you are in the market for the perfect chairs for your wedding and you are in the Southern California area check them out! Thanks to the great folks at Chameleon Chair for providing me the pictures for this post, go to their website to see even more!


My post about setting the mood with light inspired me to find some inspiring candlelight pictures.

Doesn’t candlelight bring out the feel of romance and warmth?  Here’s some photos I found on Artfool.com (thanks to SocialDesign!).

How are you using candles in your wedding?

candlelight wedding


See you tomorrow!


Set the Mood with Lighting

Lighting can have a major effect on the mood of your event.  It can liven it up or it can calm it down all due to the brightness and color.

Here’s some pictures I found on Event Solutions.

This bright and airy event uses hues of amber and golden lighting with kind of a backdrop of a warmer reddish-orange.


Here’s a dramatic example of how the color of light can change the mood.  The next two pictures of the same event with LED lighting using different colors

Ahh…how cool and soothing…

Blue Event Lighting

Ooh…how vibrant…

Vibrant Event Lighting

Ahh…how romantic and cozy…(this one I found here)

candlelight event lighting

Are you doing anything with lighting to set the mood?