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Conflict Free Diamonds

I read an article on weddingbee about Conflict Free Diamonds which reminded me a post I wrote a while back, Secrets The Jewelry Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know.  I think this is a very important topic that not many people think about.  If you are looking for a easy way to add some eco-friendly aspects to your wedding without out taking away from the elegance of your event checkout these sources for engagement and wedding rings!

Brilliant Earth
Sumiche Jewelry
Touch Wood Rings

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What Makes a Diamond (Almost) Perfect?

Still looking for that unique diamond for your engagement ring or wedding rings but not sure what to get? Well your looking at it. This is the image of a “super ideal cut” diamond. You can tell it’s super ideal cut by the unique heart and arrow pattern. A super ideal cut diamond is cut to perfect proportions causing 98% of light entering the diamond to be reflected out the top causing great brilliance. All 58 facets of a round brilliant cut diamond must line up perfectly in order for a correct hearts and arrows pattern to be visible.

You can see how the heart and diamond pattern can be affected by improper cutting in these images.

So you may be asking yourself, where do I get a super ideal cut diamond? Well, you can’t find them everywhere. Abazias.com is the only place you can find the super ideal cut Couples Diamond. They also have thousands of other diamonds of all cuts as well as settings to go with them.

Checkout Abazias’ unique 3-D ring builder. It makes it easy to buy your ring confidently on-line. You can easily sort through thousands of diamonds in seconds, pick-out a setting and see what it would look like instantly in 3-D! I spent some time using Abazias’ ring builder and it is amazing and fun to use.

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