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Elopement Packages – All Inclusive Caribbean Wedding Options

elopement packages

Elopement Packages – Take the Stress Out of Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful not to mention expensive!  Not only are there a lot of things to think about when planning a big event for a large amount of people, throw in the issue of making sure you don’t upset any relatives and everyone wanting to put their two cents in about who to invite, who sits where, etc.  If this sounds like you, then why not consider elopement packages!

There are many all inclusive elopement packages out there so you don’t have to think about all the planning and you can still have an amazing wedding with just you and your fiance.  Think about a beachfront sunset wedding in Jamaica, where all you have to do is show up and the photographer, the decorations, the meal, and the cake is already set up by your wedding planner!  Our affiliate partner Sandals and Beaches offers all inclusive weddings designed by Martha Stewart.  Choose an exclusive Martha Stewart signature wedding package at Sandals Resorts

Sandals and Beaches offers six different Martha Stewart wedding options each varies with different styles and color options but they all provide your own wedding coordinator who will do all the hard work.  All you have to do is let them know what you want.  But, there are some things you will have to do.  Most importantly you will have make sure you have all the required legal documentation for the island you will be getting married on.  The Sandals website has all the details and yes, they have a documentation specialist who can walk you through the process.  But, make sure to have everything you need before you leave home!

While these all inclusive weddings make great elopement packages, you can also bring guests and make this a great destination wedding option.

If this sounds like it’s for you, check out this great deal being run by Beaches at Negril, Jamaica.  This special if for those who Beaches Negril it is set on the best stretch of Negril’s Seven-Mile Beach. Within Beaches Negril there are 7 specialty restaurants, 3 pools with 2 swim-up bars among other fabulous amenities. Beaches Negril is known for their Green Star Diamond Award and Five Star Diamond Award.

Save up to 55% at Beaches Negril

Current promotions; Save up to 55% off, $150 Spa Credit, $250 Airfare Credit and best of all companion flies free runs through Oct 31, 2011!

Bridal Flip Flops – Don’t Let Your Beach Wedding Be a Flop!

bridal flip flops

Bridal Flip Flops with a touch of class

Bridal flip flops are the latest trend for beach weddings. Beach weddings are some of the most romantic wedding ceremonies, although they tend to be more on the informal side. The beautiful sunshine, the crash of the waves, the sensual smell of the ocean and not to mention the beautiful backdrop it provides for your wedding tops it all off. This is the dream wedding for many people because of the more relaxed intimate setting.

If you are looking for a unique way to keep your beach wedding informal but also tie in your wedding colors and theme, the best shoes for the job are the bridal flip flops! Not only are they functional in the sand they also make great gifts for the bridesmaids. If you are feeling really generous and they are in your budget, you can also make them your wedding favors. They are actually a versatile and affordable addition to any seaside wedding ensemble. Do yourself, the bridesmaids and your guests a favor, allow them to be able to be relaxed and enjoy the feel of sand smoothly caressing their feet while running around without having to worry about ruining their pricey pair of shoes.

bridal flip flops toteThe bridal flip flops shown above are from the Dessy Group. They offer various attractive designs and colors. They are not only comfortable but come in a variety of colors, 50 to be exact. They come in coordinating colors with whatever color scheme you are working with. They have a rubber sole for comfort and a bamboo insole to add that touch of island charm. Each slipper comes in a matching chiffon drawstring bag, how’s that for portability and presentation? You can even take advantage of the current special offer, where you buy 2 dozen bridal flip flops and receive a Moroccan reed beach tote absolutely free. It wouldn’t be right to present these flip flops at your wedding any other way than to have your guest pick their pair from this stylish beach tote!

Want an Easy but Elegant Second Wedding Option?

Sandals Second Wedding

Looking for options for the second time around? Maybe just want to go away with your honey and not have to deal with all the planning, inviting all the guests, and just have something intimate?

Well, here’s an idea not to mention a great deal! We are affiliates of Sandals, so we get notified of all their deals. They are currently running a special through May 20th 2010 in which you receive 2 nights free if you book a minimum of 7 days. Plus, you get up to 65% off at all Sandals locations. Plus, you get a $250 Red Lane Spa Credit! I think you can also get some good deals on airfare through their site.

So, what about the wedding? The basic wedding package is included for free (except at Sandals Emerald Bay).

Not bad huh? If you want to find out more, click on our affiliate link below.

The Perfect Romantic Getaway begins at Sandals Resorts Learn More

Disney Wedding Pavilion

Disney Wedding Locations Grand Floridian

I just had to see what the Disney Wedding Pavilion was all about. So during a quick overnight trip with my husband to Epcot for the food and wine festival, I had the perfect excuse to go. We hopped a tram early the next morning over to the Grand Floridian Hotel, which is within walking distance to the Disney Wedding Pavilion, to get an insider’s view.
First let me start by saying the Grand Floridian is true to its name. It certainly is grand. Another way to accurately describe it would be extremely child friendly; not surprising considering it is in Disney.

Disney Wedding Locations Grand Floridian
This is a picture of the lobby of the Grand Floridian. It is hard to tell from the picture but it was buzzing with activity. There were families everywhere and there were children gathered around the televisions in the lobby watching Disney cartoons.

To be honest at first I was skeptical. I kept thinking how can you have a wedding in the midst of all the crowds and chaos of the parks? But after a short walk to the Disney Wedding Pavilion it was a completely different atmosphere. It was surprisingly very peaceful. My husband and I were lucky enough to run into two friendly staff members who gave us permission to wander in and around the chapel.

Disney Wedding Locations Wedding Pavilion

Disney thought of everything when they designed the Wedding Pavilion. They lined up the aisle and the window behind the alter perfectly with Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom. They also lined up the photo location outside the pavilion with the castle. Inside they have a waiting area for the groom and grooms men and a waiting/dressing area for the bride and bridesmaids is right across from the chapel. They even built in remote control cameras at various locations around the chapel so the ceremony could be filmed from every angle. When it comes down to it, you can count on Disney to do things first-class.

Disney Wedding Locations Wedding Pavilion

Disney Wedding Locations Wedding Pavilion

Disney World Cinderella’s Castle Christmas Lights I think this would be a lovely idea for a destination wedding especially if many of your guests have children.

Finally, if you haven’t seen it, Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World is lit up for the holidays.  I had to include a picture of it!

Destination Jamaica Weddings: Sandals Weddings by Martha Stewart

Jamaica Weddings

Jamaica Weddings Made Easy By Martha Stewart

I love the idea of a Destination Wedding because it involves the guests in the planning process just as much as the bride and groom. And who doesn’t love planning a vacation! The anticipation alone is the most exciting part.  Celebrities have been doing it for years and it has definitely caught on with the rest of us. While searching around for ideas on Destination Weddings I came across Martha Stewart Weddings at Sandals Resorts. They offer all inclusive Jamaica Weddings and weddings at all their Caribbean resorts.  Now who better than Martha Stewart to perfect this already splendid concept? Martha has managed to eliminate even more stress out of the planning process. Sandals has packaged exclusive Sandals Wedding Packages by Martha Stewart!  There are five wedding themes to choose from:

Vision in White
This is ideal for the bride who wants to keep it simple yet elegant (my personal favorite).

Seaside Serenade
A seaside theme accented by seashells. My second favorite because of the cupcakes topped with sugar seashells!

Island Paradise
More of a tropical theme accented with island fruits and tropical flowers.

Flutter of Romance
Accented with pink flowers and butterflies

Chic and Natural
Accented by white orchids and polished river stones.

Each includes a personal wedding consultant, a picturesque wedding location, and Hors d’oeuvres for bridal party and much more. Once you have chosen your theme you can customize even further with special add-ons.

They all look so lovely I am tempted to go and experience one personally and report back to all of you. But this weekend I will be in St Louis.  Okay, I know, not as exotic as Sandals but you never know what wedding ideas I will find.

Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about the Sandals Martha Stewart Jamaica Weddings Packages. Click Here: Dream Honeymoons; Destination Weddings at Sandals Resorts!

Also, if you want some tropical island themed wedding invitations check out our big selection in our wedding invitation shop!

Stay tuned,

Key West Wedding Destinations: Hemmingway House

Key West Weddings Hemmingway House

There’s some good unique wedding locations down in Key West, Florida and I’ll talk about a few of them over my next few posts.

 My husband and I went down to Key West this past weekend for our anniversary.  This was my first time down there and we learned a few things. 

Things We Learned:

1.     It’s HOT in July / August!  At night it cools down some so it’s comfortable to go walk around or eat outside at a restaurant.  During the day, find indoor activities to do!

2.    Duval Street is not my style!  At least the north end of Duval.  It’s like Spring Break / Mardis Gras after sunset which is okay I guess if you like being around that atmosphere.  I guess I’m getting too old.  The south end of Duval is a lot different and more my style.  Nice restaurants and art galleries.

3.    The Crown Plaza is a great hotel but be careful not to get a room facing Duval Street!  We thought we had a great room with a big balcony overlooking Duval.  But at night you have a good view of a bunch of partiers screaming and yelling until 4AM.  Yes, that’s when the bars close. Then believe it or not at around 6 AM each morning a rooster started doing it’s cockadoodledoo routine!  So, if you stay there I recommend a room in the back.

4.    Checkout the Hemmingway House on your trip.  I wasn’t a big Hemmingway fan before my trip but I knew about his famous novels “A Farewell to Arms” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”  We had a great tour of the house and grounds and I’m now inspired to read one of his books after I finish my current Steven King book.  And the best part of the Hemmingway House for you is they host weddings there!

The Hemmingway House was built in the late 1800’s, I love the architecture and how it’s laid out.  It’s what I hope my future house will look like! We also loved the tour of the house.  Hemmingway had a very interesting life and much of it took place right in Key West.  His presence on the island added a lot to the current tourist interest.  The grounds are also beautiful and much bigger than the typical Key West yard.  As you can see in the picture, they have a nice area where weddings are held too.  So if you are looking for a place to get married in Key West checkout the Hemmingway House Weddings website and if possible wait till winter for the best weather!

We found a couple other nice wedding locations in the Keys so check back in for more over the next few days!

Unique Destination Wedding Location Not Far From Home

Destination Wedding LocationThat is if you’re in Southern California. I wrote about the Queen Mary as a destination wedding location after my family and I had dinner there last Thanksgiving. The Queen Mary, built during the 1930’s, was the premier and most luxurious ocean liner of its time. Back in the day when crossing the Atlantic was done by the wealthy in first class elegance. The Queen Mary is now permanently docked in Long Beach, Ca and is preserved in its original beauty as a hotel and also houses several restaurants, ballrooms, and a wedding chapel. Well now I can tell you what it was like to actually stay there overnight and I took more pictures so you can get a better idea what a great wedding location this is.

Destination Wedding LocationFirst off, the staff treated us great! We had a few drinks in the beautiful art deco Observation Bar which was the original First Class Lounge on the ship. There you have a panoramic view of the city of Long Beach. We also had a great dinner in the beautiful Chelsea Restaurant. No that’s not us in the picture, I grabbed that picture from the Queen Mary website. We stayed in a King Suite on the ship, very roomy.

In the morning, we had coffee and pastries on the Sun Deck. Here are some pictures taken from where we were sitting.
Destination Wedding Location
Destination Wedding Location

For wedding location choices there’s the Sun Deck Gazebo on the stern of the ship.
Destination Wedding Location

Or, the indoor wedding chapel. There’s other locations too, just check with them if you are interested.
Destination Wedding Location

After the ceremony you can have your reception in one of the many grand ballrooms available. Then, your guests can stay right on the ship in one of the beautiful rooms. It truly was great imagining what it was must have been like on the ship crossing the Atlantic in the mid-1900’s and having the opportunity to relive a small part of history!

Your guests will love the experience and it will definitely stand out from the average wedding. For more info checkout the Queen Mary website.

Place Card Holders for a Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding Chair Place Card Holder

Here’s a cute idea for place card holders if you are having a beach themed wedding. Your guests can keep these mini beach chair place card holder as a wedding favor and it can be used later as a picture frame.  The are 4″ tall and 4″ wide and handpainted.  If you want to get more information about it just click on the picture.  If you want to see a bunch of other beach wedding accessories just click this link: beach wedding accessories

Visit our new Wedding Shop for Wedding Accessories!

Sorry for the lack of regular posting but we’ve been pretty busy setting up our new online Wedding Shop!

Our Wedding Plus just went live with our new Wedding Shop packed with pretty much every wedding accessory you can think of.  Including bridal jewlery, bridal veils, wedding bands, wedding cake toppers, unity candles, bridesmaid gifts, groomsman gifts and a whole lot more!  The selection is gigantic but we have a lot of easy links on the main page and there’s also a search feature to help you find what you want!

We plan on making the wedding shop landing page prettier in the near future but we wanted to get it online as soon as possible. 

The $4,888 Destination Wedding Package

As it turns out 8/8/08 has turned out to be quite the mystical date to get married. Evidently in some traditions around the world the number 8 has some symbolism much like last year’s 7/7/07 did. Not to mention the number 8 is the infinity symbol on its side symbolizing the lifelong commitment of marriage.

Sandals, recognizing the importance of the day, will be unveiling the Eight Steps of Love and the 8/8/08 Infinity Wedding Packages on August 8, 2008. I couldn’t find anything about them on their website but I did see it in their press release.

Here’s the details about the 8/8/08 Infinity Wedding Packages:

Beginning with a Preston Bailey Signature WeddingMoons(R) ceremony at sunset, the 8/8/08 Infinity Wedding package features all-new fresh floral decor designed by wedding planner to the stars Preston Bailey, an eight course gourmet dinner, and a two-tiered wedding cake designed by cake maestro Sylvia Weinstock. Priced at $4,888, this experience also includes the following, exquisite amenities:

— Personal Wedding Consultant
  — Spa Pedicure for the Bride
  — Half Hour Massage for the Groom
  — Solo Musician for Wedding Ceremony
  — The new Preston Bailey Caribbean Sunset Collection Decor for ceremony and reception, featuring fresh flowers including hot pink roses, gerbera daisies, gold lilies & birds of paradise draped in snapdragons and pale purple orchids, plus an organza overlay of bright oranges and warm pinks accented by fresh blossom napkin ties and jewel tone votives
  — Eight Course Reception for Bride, Groom and Six Guests
  — Chilled sparkling wine in Keepsake Beverly Clark Toasting Flutes
  — Two-tiered Wedding Cake by Sylvia Weinstock
  — Sandals Resorts’ Wedding Photography Package by Professionally Trained Photographer and Videographer Inclusive of:
  – Twelve – 5 x 7 Color Photographs in an Elegantly Appointed Album
  – Professional videography of Ceremony and Reception with Accompanying DVD
  — Rose Petal Turndown Service
  — Scented Bath for Two
  — Romantic Breakfast in Bed

And if you’re not quite ready to get married and just want to take part in the romance of 8/8/08, then here’s the details of the Eight Steps of Love.

The Eight Steps of Love package is priced at $888 per couple and includes the following divine amenities:

— Indulgent Breakfast in Bed with a Personalized Love Note for Your Special Someone
  — One Hour Morning Sail
  — Delicious Gourmet Picnic Basket Lunch
  — Romantic Couples Massage at the Exclusive Red Lane Spa(R)
  — Photo Session with One of Sandals Resorts’ Professional Photographers,  Plus A Memory Scrapbook Keepsake
  — Sparkling Wine and Chocolate Covered Fruit Delivered to the Guests’ Room or Suite
  — Candlelight Dinner on the Beach with a Private Waiter and Specialized Menus
  — Romantic Turn-Down Service with Eight Flickering Candles

Anybody getting married on 8/8/08? What are your plans and what does the day mean to you?