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Cigar Rollers Near You!

Cigar Rollers

Looking for something different for your wedding reception? Hiring cigar rollers has become more popular these days but you may be wondering where you find a good cigar roller and what kind of services do they provide.

Well, I think I found the answer! CF Dominicana has provided cigar rollers for many high profile Hollywood events and they also provide this service to private events like weddings too! They also have cigar servers and can provide customized cigar bands.

Now they have a website that can link you to CF Dominicana cigar rollers across the United States.

Here it is: CigarCatering.com

Here’s a quote from CF Dominicana press release:

CF Dominicana helps anyone plan for cigar rollers at their event by
providing in-house professional event planners and graphics design to
ensure the success of the event. The company creates custom cigar bands
which have been a huge hit to the industry, creating personalization that
has never before existed with cigars. This personal approach to its cigars
has made CF Dominicana popular with everyone from Brides-to-Be to corporate
decision makers and even the regular person that just wants a cool addition
to their party. The Brides and the corporate events are the strongest right
now, in fact, the company has just finished another cigar roller event for
a wedding featured on theKnot.com cable show.

Cigar Rollers at My Wedding?!?!

Hello loyal readers! Hope your wedding plans are going well! I’m continuing my series of Unique Wedding Ideas. I’m interested in hearing how you plan on making your day unique. Here’s an idea that is growing in popularity, definitely not for everyone, but it will make your wedding stand out…..

Hire a Cigar Rolling Station: The latest trend that will definitely make your wedding stand out from the rest. The cigar rollers will entertain your guest as they demonstrate the cigar rolling process. Some companies will even come with custom cigar labels for your event. There are cigar rollers that will travel anywhere in the country to work your event. Just make sure there’s a place to smoke them away from your other guests, preferably outside. While this is a unique and exciting idea, you don’t want to annoy your guests.

See you tomorrow…