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Wang Week: Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dresses

27 Dresses Bridesmaid Dresses

Does everyone remember the movie 27 Dresses? Poor Katherine Heigl got stuck with all those hideous bridesmaid dresses which were impossible to ever envision wearing again. Well, having been a maid of honor three times and a bridesmaid once I happen to know a little about the subject. The best advice I can give every bride is to be kind and considerate of their bridesmaids. Choose gowns that not only flatter their figures but also something they like, and can RE-USE! Here’s a few bridesmaid dresses from Vera Wang’s “Maid to Order” collection

Vera Wang Maid to Order Bridesmaid Dresses

Vera’s bridesmaid dress collection is a Win-Win for the bride and the bridesmaid! And the best part is these gowns are not only gorgeous, they are affordable. Just remember they are “maid- to- order” so they require up to nine weeks for delivery. Check them out at Vera Wang’s website… Shop VeraWang.com

 Thanks to the Emerging of the Bombshell Within for the 27 Dresses picture!

Wedding Accessories: Everything for your Wedding…Really

Have you seen our new look?  Our Wedding Shop has been upgraded!  No more boring appearance.

We added a bunch of graphics and updated our links.

So what do we provide?  Pretty much everything you can think of.  All top of the line products from top of the line vendors.  For example, are you having an Irish Themed Wedding? A Native American Themed Wedding?  A Filipino Themed Wedding?  Well you need to check out our accessories because we have you covered.

Wedding Aisle Runners?  Check out this selection!

Plus we have an additional avenue for you to find Wedding Invitations from Wedding Paper Divas in our Wedding Shop!

There’s a bunch more too.  Too much to mention so just head on over and check out The Our Wedding Plus Wedding Shop!

Wedding Shop Wedding Accessories

Visit our new Wedding Shop for Wedding Accessories!

Sorry for the lack of regular posting but we’ve been pretty busy setting up our new online Wedding Shop!

Our Wedding Plus just went live with our new Wedding Shop packed with pretty much every wedding accessory you can think of.  Including bridal jewlery, bridal veils, wedding bands, wedding cake toppers, unity candles, bridesmaid gifts, groomsman gifts and a whole lot more!  The selection is gigantic but we have a lot of easy links on the main page and there’s also a search feature to help you find what you want!

We plan on making the wedding shop landing page prettier in the near future but we wanted to get it online as soon as possible. 

And the Winner Is….

Wedding Memory Giveaway Contest

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived!  Thanks to everyone who participated in the Great Wedding Memory Giveaway!

I’d like to start off by thanking all of the entrants for the well thought out and very useful comments. I think this post will go down in history as one of the most useful wedding blog posts ever! Not that I’m biased or anything. Future brides will be able to look at this post’s comments and add quality, reduce costs, and reduce the stress of their wedding with the wealth of experience they will find!

I’d also like to thank the 12 great wedding bloggers for their participation in helping me judge this contest. They each took time out of their busy schedules to read through all the comments and selected their favorite. Bear in mind, these bloggers aren’t just bloggers, in many cases they are very experienced and very busy wedding planners, invitation designers, event designers, etc! I’m flattered that they helped me with this contest by judging and also by helping me spread the word!

Here are the judges!

Melissa from Masterpiece Weddings
Thryn from wedlog
Darci from With this Ring
Lynn from The Handcrafted Wedding
Saundra from planning…forever
Miss Purple from Miss Purple’s Diary of Destination Wedding Drama
Miss Polka from Polkadotbride
Monica from WhiteboxWedding
Liene from Blue Orchid Designs
Anne from perfectbound
Rebekah from Elizabeth Anne Designs
Nicole from NicEvents

Now, the thing I find most amazing and indicative of the high quality of the submissions…of all twelve votes cast by the judges, only two were for the same comment!

So the winner of the contest only had two votes, meaning we had 10 runners up. Since all the runners up were tied for second place, I’m going to give each of them a free Our Wedding Plus wedding website! So without further ado here are the results…

The overall winner with two votes (winner of 10 Cruzers & a Wedding Website):   Comment #35 – Shauna

Runners Up (winners of a Wedding Website):

#7 – Sarah
#10 – Mary
#12 – Lauren
#20 – Rachel
#22 – Kat
#23 – Tara
#33 – Le
#34 – Ley
#36 – Chantal
#45 – Erica

Congratulations and thanks for all the great advice!


Wedding Memory Giveaway Contest Results are Coming Soon!

Hang in there folks.  The votes are flowing in from your favorite bloggers.  We are almost there.  I will post results this evening.

Plus, there will be a special surprise for all of our finalists (those who recieved votes from the judges).

Thanks for participating!


Today is the Last Day!

Wedding Memory Giveaway

This is your last chance to enter the Great Wedding Memory Giveaway!  Deadline is tonight, midnight Pacific time!

We have a spectacular group of wedding professionals / bloggers that volunteered to judge!   I hope to have the results posted by Monday night, May 5th.

 So check back in to findout who the winner is and who our esteemed group of judges were!

 Thanks to everyone involved!


I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule next week.

The Great Wedding Memory Giveaway!

Wedding Memory Giveaway Contest

Here’s Your Chance To Win Prizes Totaling Up to $470!

 Looking for unique, meaningful, and not to mention useful gifts to give your bridal party?  Something that isn’t cliché and something they can use over and over for years to come?  And, do you want to us to give them to you for FREE?

Sandisk has come out with a stylish new USB flash drive called the Cruzer Gator on which you can give members of your bridal party pictures of the great times you had with them during your wedding planning, videos, wedding photos, share some favorite songs for their iPod, and then they can use the massive storage (up to 4G) for whatever they like for years to come! The cool thing about the Gator is they come in a stylish alligator skin style, in different colors. (Black and Red are 4G, Pink is 2G)

The Prizes:  The folks at Sandisk have donated 10 Cruzer Gators USB Flash Drives (see picture above), one for each member of your bridal party including both groomsmen and bridesmaids (10 max), total value up to $400!  Plus, I’m also going to throw in a free one year subscription to one of our Our Wedding Plus premium wedding websites worth $72!  All this will be given to one lucky winner!

How You Enter:  Leave a comment on this post answering one of the following questions:

– What was the most useful piece of wedding planning advice you have received?
– What has been your biggest “lesson learned” so far during your wedding planning process?
– If you could do it over, what would you do differently?

How You Win: I’m going to ask some other wedding bloggers to rank their top-5 entries, based on the usefulness of your comment to someone planning their wedding.  I will tally the results and pick the most popular comment.  This is obviously subjective based on each judge’s opinion and my selection will be final.  If I can’t get any help in the judging I will select the comment I feel was most useful, based solely on my own judgment.

Deadline: Your Comment Must be Posted by Midnight, Friday, May 2nd 2008

The winner will be announced by Monday, May 5th 2008!  I will also announce which wedding bloggers helped in the judging!

Good Luck!

Personalized Stationary – Don’t Wait!

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, after your wedding you still have at least a couple of things to do, and there’s nothing stopping you from getting ahead of the game so you’re ready to go when you get back from your honeymoon. Yesterday we talked about letting everyone know your new address for those of you moving after your wedding. Today I’m going to give you some options for new personalized stationary with your brand new name on it!

For more information click here for a full selection of personalized stationary!

Robin Maguire has a cute line of modern and fun personalized stationary that you can have customized with your new name. Here’s a cute pink and brown option and it even comes in it’s own acrylic holder.

Customized Personalized Stationary

Looking for something more traditional? Checkout this beautiful option from Checkerboard. They even come with customized envelopes.

Personalized Stationary

Don’t need it customized? Checkout this cute set of 18 folded blank note cards (6 cards of each style) made by Jill Smith Designs.

Personalized Stationary

How Important are Your Bridesmaids?


Conde Nast came out with some interesting statistics last week about the big part bridesmaids play in the wedding industry.  Bridesmaids are obviously an essential part of your wedding, assuming they play their part.  There are a lot of things the bride has to worry about during the months of planning and especially on the wedding day itself!  Hopefully your bridesmaids will be helping you get through the process without losing your mind!  That being said remember you are also asking a lot of your bridesmaids in terms of money to buy a new dress that they may never wear again or even like.  So how can you make sure you keep your bridesmaids happy?
– Let them pick their own dress style.  If you planned on doing this you are in the minority (see below).  Don’t worry you can keep control of your look and theme by specifying the color.  But, your bridesmaids will be at least able to pick a style that goes with their body type and maybe get one they will wear again!   Check out these beautiful examples above from Jenny Yoo.

– Make sure you get them a nice, personal gift as a token of your appreciation.  Notice I said personal.  I’m a big fan of getting both the groomsman and the bridesmaids a gift that is unique to their likes and personality.  It really shows that your care.

– Any other ideas out there?


Here are the interesting statistics from the Conde Nast’s press release:


  • Brides have an average of 5 bridesmaids in their wedding.

  • Based on 2.2 million weddings per year, there are approximately 11 million bridesmaids each year.

  • There are 44,230 weddings every weekend, 23 million bridesmaids and groomsmen, and almost 380 million wedding guests.

  • 64% of brides have their bridesmaids dress identically.

  • Bridesmaid’s dresses cost an average of $691 total, figuring to be $138 each with the average of 5 attendants.

Unique and Meaningful Gifts!

Looking for a unique and meaningful gift to give to your mom, bridesmaid gifts, a gift for your groom, or all of the above?

Well, I was contacted by Jennifer Fiander, owner and creator of Lil’ Angel Gifts, about her very cute relationship journals. These relationship journals contain numerous topics related to your wedding and your relationship with the person you are giving it to. Such as…

Favorite Memories of Us Together…
I Hope You are Proud of me For…
I’m Proud to have You as my Mother Because…
What You’ve Taught Me- about Things, Life or Myself…
My Hopes and Dreams I Would Like to Share with You…
How You’ve Prepared me for Marriage…
What I Would Like You to Know about My Relationship with My New Spouse …
If it were the Last Time we Spoke, What I Would Say to You…
You then fill in the journal following the topics in the journal. The result can be a very touching and meaningful gift!

Want to know more? Checkout Jennifer’s site at Lil’ Angel Gifts!

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