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Ballet Shoes for your Wedding?

Say what?  That’s right…after wearing those fancy heels during your wedding ceremony, the formal pictures, etc.  it’s time to relax and have fun.  So here’s a tip.  Have a pair of fashionable ballet bridal shoes that kind of match your wedding dress so you can dance and mingle without worrying about blisters, falling, or generally being uncomfortable.  So after you make your entrance at the reception, kick off those uncomfortable but beautiful shoes and throw on some very comfortable and beautiful bridal ballet shoes!

These ballet bridal shoes are from TJ Formal.  Just click on the picture to find out more about them.

wedding ballet slipperHere’s another beautiful pair of wedding ballet slippers from Dessy. I love the stylish tucks on the toe.  The great thing about these are they also come in ivory and in Dessy’s most popular bridesmaid colors!  So take pity on your bridesmaids.  Let them be comfortable too!  These stylish wedding ballet slippers will make a great gift for your bridesmaids that they (and their feet) will appreciate all night long.

wedding ballet shoes for the bridesmaids

Bridal Shoes: A Fall Fashion “Shoe”

Wow! What lucky brides out there, the bridal shoe choices are endless. And with so many bridal shoe options, brides are given the chance to really express their indivuality. Soft bows, embelished crystals, lace and shoe brooches are making a big hit this year. Oh, and the the stilleto is back. But not to worry it has come back in the form of a cross between a platform and a stilletto. LOVE IT, being barely 5′ 1″ this style offers height and comfort.

If you are going for a very feminine romantic look, here is a new bridal shoe style by designer Martinez Valero, which I love, and you can find it on My Glass Slipper .

Bridal Shoes Martinez Valero

Here comes the bows, crystals and lace, and most of these you can find in our own Wedding Shop.  Just click on them to find out more.  From Kate Spade:

Bridal Shoes Kate Spade Bows

From Grazia Valentine:

Bridal Shoes Grazia Valentine Jeweled

From Grazia Alicia:

Bridal Shoes Grazia Alicia Rhinestones

This lace pump (one of my top picks) by Martinez Velero can also be found on My Glass Slipper and was also featured on pg 72 of the November/December 2009 Brides Magazine.

Bridal Shoes Martinez Valero pump

And lets not forget that boots are in this year, and in every height. Do you rember the pointed toe ankle boots? Well this wedding boot designed by Roberto Cavalli is hot off the runway found at Couture Carrie’s Blog.

Bridal Shoes Boots Roberto Cavalli Lace Ankle Boot

 Just remember it is great to look good but even better to feel good, so be comfortable. Check out the AMAZING options that our affiliate Foot Petals has to offer. They have foot cushion products that will make any shoe choice more comfortable!

Wedding Shoes Bulletin: Sex and the City Movie Wedding Shoes

Sex and The City Wedding Shoes

Do I have any fellow Sex & The City movie fans out there? I feel I must pass this very important “wedding shoe news” along to all of you (yes, even on Sunday morning). Does anyone remember the blue satin Manolo Blahnik’s (played a very big role) that our beloved Carrie ended up wearing during the civil wedding ceremony with Mr. Big?

Sex and the City Wedding ShoesWell, while searching on the subject of wedding shoe trends (on a blog post soon to come) I happened to come across a post on Here Comes the Guide about some hot new wedding shoes from Perfect Details a wedding accessory boutique. And there they were a wedding shoe inspired by the glass-slipper style Manolo Blahnik Something Blue satin pump and they are available in ivory too!!

By the way the picture of Carrie and Mr. Big came from the Sex and the City book available at Amazon which has hundreds of full color images from the moview and behind the scenes.
I was so excited about my find that I just had to share immediately. I think deep down all us girls have a desire for glamour and high fashion at least sometimes but especially on our wedding day.

Have a great weekend!


Dyeable Bridal Shoes

dyeable bridal shoes

People have been dyeing bridal shoes for many years, so it must be simple right? Well it’s not too complicated but here’s a few tips from Bellisima Bridal Shoes to make sure your dyed bridal shoes look great!

– Fact: Dyeable bridal shoes are typically made out of white satin or silk and then coated with a special solution to allow dying
– Many dyeable bridal shoes come with a color swatch that can be dyed first to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like
– The dyed bridal shoes may not exactly match your dress due to differences in fabric
– Get your bridal shoes treated with water repellent to help keep the color from running if they get wet
– If you’re getting your bridesmaid’s shoes dyed the same color as yours then bring them all at the same time so they all come out the exact same color
– Can you re-dye your bridal shoes? Most shoes can be dyed to a darker color at least on additional time. The following designer brand bridal shoes can be dyed to a darker shade multiple times:

Vera Wang Bridal Shoes
Cynthia Rowley Bridal Shoes
Stuart Weitzman Bridal Shoes
Filippa Scott Bridal Shoes

The Bridal Shoes

Bridal ShoesI was browsing through my Jo Gartin’s Weddings: An Inspiring Guide for the Stylish Bride book for some ideas to blog about and I came across her section on bridal shoes. She has a lot of great ideas about how to give your wedding a personal flair; you might want to check it out.

Anyway she had some great tips about bridal shoes. You know those things that look so pretty can turn into a torture device by the end of the evening, so here’s some ideas to try to avoid the pain!

– Use your wedding shoes as house slippers for a week or two so you can get used to them
– Have an extra pair of comfortable shoes with you so you can bail out on the bridal shoes if things get too painful
– Get yourself a pair of satin ballet slippers to use as the night progresses and your feet start hurting

I thought the ballet slipper idea is a pretty good one! She gets ballet slippers for her brides from http://www.allaboutdance.com/.

Here’s another great source for Wedding Ballet Shoes or Slippers!

Thanks to picture_bunny for the picture!

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